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November 30th

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Big day (BIG).  414.1-417.2.

This shows a lot of the positive aspects of the book, and hits on a lot of deep spiritual truths (like the light that one can choose to hide under a bushel basket being within).

It does make a couple of rather dated analogies.  One is that 'the physical universe is always mechanical' (which was superseded by quantum physics in a lot of ways), and just wrong, since I've seen some things that just shouldn't have happened.  

The physical universe appears to be on somewhat closer inspection a very clever ruse.  One of the major items when inspecting it is finding that (for the most part) it's not 'there' at all (the particles which make it up have space within them that exceeds the kind of ratio of a football to a stadium, and outside (hooked to 'other' particles) there's even more space between.

And I have to differ with the question on whether I 'discovered' all of my own intentions.  I certainly didn't plan on dreaming any of the prophetic stuff I've dreamt.

I think the most dated part though, is the end of the second to last paragraph in the assignment:

"The savage thinks after the mode of his tribe, and the more civilized thinks after the mold or racial belief."

(I think some of us are a little past that color-coded crap now)

November 29th

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Today's reading was 549.M3 (meditation #3).  It was (again) on the topic of how God is 'good' and how we should be in awe and worship of Him.

Now, the first note should be on this apparently schizophrenic approach (I'm one with God, but I'm *talking* TO him?).

The second is this BS about how He is 'good'.  Well, He's everything, so that would be by definition part of the deal, but yano, He's hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, tornadoes, and all sorts of other things that we classify as 'bad'.

Honestly, I think the guy gets a bum rap.  We thank him for all the good things, and then we make up a bad guy to attribute all the bad stuff to.

And we are constantly pestering him about something or another.

My only 'prayer' (as it were) since my early twenties has been that I willingly accept Jah's world as given.  I don't have to be happy with it, or pleased.  I just have to accept it's real.  Unfortunately, since it's as 'real as it gets', I've got nothing to compare it to.

My prayer, if you note, is to myself.  Jah's going to do what he's going to do, anyway, regardless.  The only being who could 'answer' my prayer is me.

I'm not sure I'd want 'eternal life' anyway.  If you think about it, without cash, it's kind of hard to even fill up a long weekend.

It sounds a great deal like Ernest Holmes is spending a lot of time trying to get to my stepping off point (oneness of being).

I mean, yeah, so you are the living incarnation of god.  So?  Isn't the rock one, too?  Doesn't give it any 'special powers' or anything, does it?  And you don't see the rocks and trees making a big deal out of it.

Spend all day long meditating on it if you'd like, but when you're done, meditate on the fact that you're stuck that way.

God is all.  That's a definition.

All is both good and evil.

Good and evil, are (if one pays attention) quite HUMAN definitions.  We are the ones who are preoccupied with this, not Him.  On the other hand, we are also the definers of the same, and 'good' and 'evil' change from generation to generation.

A fox (one of the living incarnations of god) sneaks into a chicken coop and snatches a chicken (also one of the living incarnations of god).  For the fox, this event is very good.  For the chicken, not so good.

A conquistador infects a Native American with smallpox.  For the white folks, this is a very good event.  For the Indians, not so good.  On the other hand, the white folks get syphilis in trade.

One could certainly lose one's mind meditating on that one.  Does he pick sides?  And if so, what does that mean for the Indians?

November 28th

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Today it's a meditation on page 535 again (last one on the page).

It's on 'Substance and Supply', but the 'substance' in short supply appears to be the 'good' which the meditation focuses on 'receiving'.

What if what is being brought today is 'bad' and you ignore it searching for the 'good'?

In a lot of ways, it's similar to the problem I have with the Catlicks (and all those who chant, "Lord, hear our prayer").

If you are asking, doesn't it mean you don't accept that you have (or lack)?  And if you don't have, and don't accept that fact, isn't that kind of rude?  I mean, if you were supposed to have it, you would, right?

Or don't you actually have any faith?

It certainly can't be that a puny individual thinks they know how the universe should be run *better* than the Lord God, right?

If I was to meditate on something on this vane, I'd likely concentrate on receiving 'reality' rather than 'the good', since I'm sure to be getting real, while good and bad seem to be mostly an individual concern.  Certainly, everything God does from His viewpoint is quite good (He says so in the Bible).  On the other hand, I suspect the victims of the deluge didn't quite have the appreciation for his 'goodness' that Noah and company did.

If the deluged had expected to receive 'good', they'd be disappointed.  On the other hand, if they expect only more reality, they'd get a show (while they could tread water).

November 27th

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T-Day.  Today's missive (257.1-257.5) is on insomnia (apparently, not enough turkey dinner).

It's actually harmless in most ways, but still, some people have a biological issue with insomnia.

Up till the part about the great blessing pouring out, it sounds like psychotherapy.

November 26th

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Today's reading (256.2-256.5) was more on the topic of inner harmony and digestion.

Apparently, this was written long before the discovery of helicobacter pylori.

Anyway, it's right that if you say grace you will appreciate the food more.

And it's right that if you concentrate on the oneness of being, you will feel more settled.

However, chances are that if you have an ulcer, this won't help as much as antibiotics.

And if you are constipated, fiber still has a much better track record than meditation.

November 25th

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More on the bladder and how thinking causes impurities in the piss.

Some days, it seems a bit much to even critique this line of thought.

In a nutshell, it's easy, though, so I should (low hanging fruit and all).

If a person is distraught with emotions, all SORTS of things end up floating around in their blood (products of stress) that need to be cleaned out by the kidneys.

However, this isn't a reversible equation: if someone has kidney problems, this DOESN'T mean that it's because of emotional stress.

It could just be physical.

I spoke with Ai yesterday.  I hope she's not taking this badly.  I'm not intending an 'attack' on her book.  I just paint what I see.

On the other hand, she did protest the timing, and that perhaps, if I'd picked a different route into the book I might not be of the same mind regarding it.

I have to agree, but then, the hand of Jah has always worked in mysterious ways, and there were a number of decisions that this circumstance was based on.

For instance, I went to pick up items at the PO box early because she told me there was something there.

When I got it, I asked her if I should open it early, since she was having to go on a trip.

And then there was the decision to go through it in the 'daily reading' scenario, rather than progressing through in chapter order.

I think she thought she was buying it for me, but it might really be for her.

November 24th

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This is page 254, 3 to 255, 2.

It's the same BS as yesterday, except today, it's kidney disease, and imagining 'purity' as a response.

This is a kind of magical thinking.  It's a 'how do we force god to make miracles' course.

And of course, like most magical thinking, it's wrong.

God does what it wills.  We are pawns.  We should to be happy pawns, but we aren't even knights let alone rooks or queens.

November 23rd

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Sacred Texts index of TSOM

Hmm.   Someone didn't copy this level of BS (in my book, page 253, p 3 to 254, p 3).

I'm not going to bother to re-type any of it.

Let it suffice to say that no amount of concentration, meditation, focus, or even miracle has ever 'fixed' an endocrine disorder (provably).

If it were a reproducible event to cure (in this instance, diabetes) by the 'power of positive thinking', there would be anti-diabetes seminars all over the world.

Unfortunately, when the Islets of Langerhans are  gone, thought alone doesn't seem to do much for the state of blood sugar.

Perhaps this is why the web reproduction deftly left out this potentially fatal suggestion:

"My system, which is spiritual and perfect, contains within itself, every chemical requirement.  Spirit cannot make a mistake, cannot withhold from my system anything that the system needs.  There is perfect elimination, and I abandon myself to the life giving force of pure Spirit."

Now, I want you to note the correct part in this: "perfect elimination" (true).

If what one is doing is counseling the diabetic to allow themselves to be culled naturally by the spirit w/o complaint, this is the ticket.

November 22nd

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For some reason, today's reading is the same as yesterday's.

I'm a little more copacetic with being an agamist, but it's not something that I particularly feel like rejoicing in.  I still don't think I'm reflecting the soul of the universe much (maybe steel, or brass, but certainly not silver).

November 21st

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My Soul reflects Thy Life and rejoices in the happy thought that it looks on Thee alone.
O Soul of mine, look out and up and on; and reflect to me the wondrous Life of the All Good.
  Look thou upon The One, and be saved.  
Behold thou His Face forevermore.

My Soul reflects Thy Life. 


As the Great Joy of Life comes into my Soul, flooding me with its wondrous light, all sorrow and sadness flee from me.  
I shall not grieve, for nothing is lost nor gone from me.
  My own cannot be kept from me.
  My own knows me and will follow me wherever I go.
  I am filled with the Joy of living and the Great Peace that comes to all who believe.

I am made glad forevermore.

Ok, the first thing I had to note is that my circumstance doesn't actually reflect the soul of the universe in the sense that I'm not a parent.  In that situation, there's actually quite a bit of sadness about what was lost.

And the whole 'my own' stuff is a bit lost on someone who doesn't really identify with possession of anything.

So far, it's kind of lame.

November 20th

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For some reason, today's 'reading' shows to be page 323, paragraph 3.

On page 323 there are only two paragraphs.

Perhaps it's a portent.

The Science of Mind

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Ai got me a book from her spiritual group in ABQ to look at.  It has day-readings.

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