November 25th

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More on the bladder and how thinking causes impurities in the piss.

Some days, it seems a bit much to even critique this line of thought.

In a nutshell, it's easy, though, so I should (low hanging fruit and all).

If a person is distraught with emotions, all SORTS of things end up floating around in their blood (products of stress) that need to be cleaned out by the kidneys.

However, this isn't a reversible equation: if someone has kidney problems, this DOESN'T mean that it's because of emotional stress.

It could just be physical.

I spoke with Ai yesterday.  I hope she's not taking this badly.  I'm not intending an 'attack' on her book.  I just paint what I see.

On the other hand, she did protest the timing, and that perhaps, if I'd picked a different route into the book I might not be of the same mind regarding it.

I have to agree, but then, the hand of Jah has always worked in mysterious ways, and there were a number of decisions that this circumstance was based on.

For instance, I went to pick up items at the PO box early because she told me there was something there.

When I got it, I asked her if I should open it early, since she was having to go on a trip.

And then there was the decision to go through it in the 'daily reading' scenario, rather than progressing through in chapter order.

I think she thought she was buying it for me, but it might really be for her.

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