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December 5th

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537.M3 538.M1

These two meditations are both wonderful food for most souls.  The first is on being fully alive, and the second is about wanting to do God's will willingly.

I would have to point out that the part about 'commanding the soul to do his bidding' doesn't really seem 'optional' (as in I don't see anyone who is evidencing being the incarnation of something *else* besides God).

The hard part (for me) is seeing the evil people who do God's work.  I understand that this is His will, but still, one is judged by the company one keeps.

All those people (bit characters, no lines) in Job who participated, for example.  The one who brought the infections, for instance.  Certainly they were doing God's will (and perhaps willingly). 

It turned out kinda sucky for Job, though.

December 4th

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At last, something useful.  (477.5-479.3)

All about the nature of humanity, Jesus, God, etc.

Seems accurate.  I can see now why the book has readers.

It's like most of these books.  The people read (and remember) the good parts.

Not many people, for instance, really find much inspiration in the book of Job.

You might find consolation there, but few people would be looking at Job as a potential role model.

I suppose there are some really religious masochists who WANT God to bet on them and then fix the game, but not many.

December 3rd

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I think this one (252.2-252.5) is effectively summarized by this:

We should be willing to declare our disbelief in colds and help free ourselves and others from the depleting habits of 'bad colds'.

I really don't have to go further on that one, right?

December 2nd

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This one is for the residents of New Orleans:

"Every belief that I may ever have had that says I am afraid of weather conditions, is now vanquished from my thought forever.  It is no more and therefore can no longer operate.  I know and feel my freedom.  In this freedom I rejoice."

December 1st

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Big day.  Deaf day.  Big Deaf Day. (257.6-258-3)

Unfortunately, very little in the area of 'receptivity' really fixes deafness.  I was around a lot of them.

One of the funniest things I ever saw was this TV preacher, Ernest Angley, who did a bit on his 'healing' show that I caught where he healed a deaf person (after having already managed to find the *one* person in the audience whose doctor had prepped them for healing by giving them a breakaway cast that just fell off).

Anyway, the deafie comes up, and EA says, "Do you believe that Jesus will heal you?"

And the deafie says, "Mmpb" (very clearly).

And EA says, "Out, out you deaf demons!"

And the kid looks shocked.

And EA says, "Say, 'Baby.'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

And EA says, "Say, 'Bay-beee.'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

And EA say, "Say, 'Jesus healed me!'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

Apparently, he's even taken his sad show to Africa.

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