November 23rd

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Sacred Texts index of TSOM

Hmm.   Someone didn't copy this level of BS (in my book, page 253, p 3 to 254, p 3).

I'm not going to bother to re-type any of it.

Let it suffice to say that no amount of concentration, meditation, focus, or even miracle has ever 'fixed' an endocrine disorder (provably).

If it were a reproducible event to cure (in this instance, diabetes) by the 'power of positive thinking', there would be anti-diabetes seminars all over the world.

Unfortunately, when the Islets of Langerhans are  gone, thought alone doesn't seem to do much for the state of blood sugar.

Perhaps this is why the web reproduction deftly left out this potentially fatal suggestion:

"My system, which is spiritual and perfect, contains within itself, every chemical requirement.  Spirit cannot make a mistake, cannot withhold from my system anything that the system needs.  There is perfect elimination, and I abandon myself to the life giving force of pure Spirit."

Now, I want you to note the correct part in this: "perfect elimination" (true).

If what one is doing is counseling the diabetic to allow themselves to be culled naturally by the spirit w/o complaint, this is the ticket.

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