November 28th

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Today it's a meditation on page 535 again (last one on the page).

It's on 'Substance and Supply', but the 'substance' in short supply appears to be the 'good' which the meditation focuses on 'receiving'.

What if what is being brought today is 'bad' and you ignore it searching for the 'good'?

In a lot of ways, it's similar to the problem I have with the Catlicks (and all those who chant, "Lord, hear our prayer").

If you are asking, doesn't it mean you don't accept that you have (or lack)?  And if you don't have, and don't accept that fact, isn't that kind of rude?  I mean, if you were supposed to have it, you would, right?

Or don't you actually have any faith?

It certainly can't be that a puny individual thinks they know how the universe should be run *better* than the Lord God, right?

If I was to meditate on something on this vane, I'd likely concentrate on receiving 'reality' rather than 'the good', since I'm sure to be getting real, while good and bad seem to be mostly an individual concern.  Certainly, everything God does from His viewpoint is quite good (He says so in the Bible).  On the other hand, I suspect the victims of the deluge didn't quite have the appreciation for his 'goodness' that Noah and company did.

If the deluged had expected to receive 'good', they'd be disappointed.  On the other hand, if they expect only more reality, they'd get a show (while they could tread water).

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