November 29th

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Today's reading was 549.M3 (meditation #3).  It was (again) on the topic of how God is 'good' and how we should be in awe and worship of Him.

Now, the first note should be on this apparently schizophrenic approach (I'm one with God, but I'm *talking* TO him?).

The second is this BS about how He is 'good'.  Well, He's everything, so that would be by definition part of the deal, but yano, He's hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, tornadoes, and all sorts of other things that we classify as 'bad'.

Honestly, I think the guy gets a bum rap.  We thank him for all the good things, and then we make up a bad guy to attribute all the bad stuff to.

And we are constantly pestering him about something or another.

My only 'prayer' (as it were) since my early twenties has been that I willingly accept Jah's world as given.  I don't have to be happy with it, or pleased.  I just have to accept it's real.  Unfortunately, since it's as 'real as it gets', I've got nothing to compare it to.

My prayer, if you note, is to myself.  Jah's going to do what he's going to do, anyway, regardless.  The only being who could 'answer' my prayer is me.

I'm not sure I'd want 'eternal life' anyway.  If you think about it, without cash, it's kind of hard to even fill up a long weekend.

It sounds a great deal like Ernest Holmes is spending a lot of time trying to get to my stepping off point (oneness of being).

I mean, yeah, so you are the living incarnation of god.  So?  Isn't the rock one, too?  Doesn't give it any 'special powers' or anything, does it?  And you don't see the rocks and trees making a big deal out of it.

Spend all day long meditating on it if you'd like, but when you're done, meditate on the fact that you're stuck that way.

God is all.  That's a definition.

All is both good and evil.

Good and evil, are (if one pays attention) quite HUMAN definitions.  We are the ones who are preoccupied with this, not Him.  On the other hand, we are also the definers of the same, and 'good' and 'evil' change from generation to generation.

A fox (one of the living incarnations of god) sneaks into a chicken coop and snatches a chicken (also one of the living incarnations of god).  For the fox, this event is very good.  For the chicken, not so good.

A conquistador infects a Native American with smallpox.  For the white folks, this is a very good event.  For the Indians, not so good.  On the other hand, the white folks get syphilis in trade.

One could certainly lose one's mind meditating on that one.  Does he pick sides?  And if so, what does that mean for the Indians?

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