November 30th

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Big day (BIG).  414.1-417.2.

This shows a lot of the positive aspects of the book, and hits on a lot of deep spiritual truths (like the light that one can choose to hide under a bushel basket being within).

It does make a couple of rather dated analogies.  One is that 'the physical universe is always mechanical' (which was superseded by quantum physics in a lot of ways), and just wrong, since I've seen some things that just shouldn't have happened.  

The physical universe appears to be on somewhat closer inspection a very clever ruse.  One of the major items when inspecting it is finding that (for the most part) it's not 'there' at all (the particles which make it up have space within them that exceeds the kind of ratio of a football to a stadium, and outside (hooked to 'other' particles) there's even more space between.

And I have to differ with the question on whether I 'discovered' all of my own intentions.  I certainly didn't plan on dreaming any of the prophetic stuff I've dreamt.

I think the most dated part though, is the end of the second to last paragraph in the assignment:

"The savage thinks after the mode of his tribe, and the more civilized thinks after the mold or racial belief."

(I think some of us are a little past that color-coded crap now)

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