December 1st

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Big day.  Deaf day.  Big Deaf Day. (257.6-258-3)

Unfortunately, very little in the area of 'receptivity' really fixes deafness.  I was around a lot of them.

One of the funniest things I ever saw was this TV preacher, Ernest Angley, who did a bit on his 'healing' show that I caught where he healed a deaf person (after having already managed to find the *one* person in the audience whose doctor had prepped them for healing by giving them a breakaway cast that just fell off).

Anyway, the deafie comes up, and EA says, "Do you believe that Jesus will heal you?"

And the deafie says, "Mmpb" (very clearly).

And EA says, "Out, out you deaf demons!"

And the kid looks shocked.

And EA says, "Say, 'Baby.'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

And EA says, "Say, 'Bay-beee.'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

And EA say, "Say, 'Jesus healed me!'"

And the deaf kid says, "Buh buh."

Apparently, he's even taken his sad show to Africa.

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