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JFK Assassination: The British Connection

By Mike Royden.

Please don't take any thing that's written here as accurate, as I have not checked all the details.

I have not been though my copy of the 26 Volumes of the Warren Report & Hearings.

I have also mislaid my copy of the Meagher Index and my HSCA vols.

The listing has been put together to give ideas for further investigation.

Please write if you notice any omissions, errors or new lines of inquiry.

Part of this was reprinted in the issue of Dallas 63, Vol 1, No.3. August, 1994.

What I have tried to do is list briefly, without going into too much detail, as many British connection's that I can think of, with the intention of getting others to investigate further. This is a sketchy guide and it needs filling out with dates, names, address, list's of newspaper articles and books written and CIA/FBI documents. And my notes may need to be put into some order. As well as finding what has already been written. The field is open for new discoveries and developments.

1.Lee Harvey Oswald arrives at Southampton, Friday 9th October 1959. He takes a private flight the next day from London Heathrow to Helsinki, Finland.Private flight? Heathrow? Who did he meet here? What type of flight did he take to get to Helsinki? Anything in Public Record Office or recently US declassified files?

Edward Jay Epstein Legend Arrow paperback p.93 has LHO leaving on the same day.

Typically Posner doesn't mention it in Case Closed.

Anthony Summers Conspiracy Sphere paperback Revised & Updated Edition. 1989 p.128-129.

Warren Hearings vol XVIII P.162

Warren Hearings Vol XXVI p.32

Warren Report p.690.

HSCA Report p.212.

Sylvia Meagher Accessories After The Fact. Vintage Books. 1976. p. 331.

Peter Dale Scott The Dallas Conspiracy. Chapter 2, pp. 8-10.

Peter Dale Scott "From Dallas To Watergate." Reprinted in Assassinations Dallas and Beyond. p349-350.

Penguin Books, 1978.

Henry Hurt. Reasonable Doubt. P.208-209.

Duffy, James R. The Web:Kennedy Assassination Cover-up. Alan Sutton. 1988. P.30-31.

Also mentioned in books by Groden/Livingstone, Melansen, Marrs,

The passengers lists, Shipping/Aircraft could be checked out for Oswald's name. It's uncertain if this has been

done or if this material still exists. It's also not certain who or if he met anyone here. I would like to think he did

meet up with a handler, but I am only guessing. Why pass through London Airport? Was this the only way it

could be done.

Chris Mills gave a talk on the Oswald trip at a recent Dallas 63 meeting in Liverpool. And looked into the trails

left by Oswald.

Chris Mills "A Flight Of Fancy." In "Dealey Plaza UK" web page. des3millscc@ntu.ac.uk

2. In November ?1963, Albert Osborne?/John Howard Bowen? stayed with his sister in Grimsby and visited his brother at home for the elderly, after three days he left, just before the assassination. "On Nov 22 from a town short distance from Grimsby a mysterious call to a Cambridge newspaper, 25 minutes before the President was shot. The caller said that the reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news and then rang off." Is the cable correct? Anything to it? Who investigated it? What other research has Eddowes got? Can the phone call be connected to Osborne?

Dick Russell.Man Who Knew Too Much. p.486 CIA document 46-39.

Michael Eddowes The Oswald File p.228 reprints CIA document 46-39 [2 pages] telegram, London to

Washington released in 1976. Obtained by Mary Ferrell.

Bowen/Osborne p.66-67.

Eddowes Nov 22. How they killed Kennedy. pp.63- 68. And pp. 333- 343. Appendix D.

"Angleton was also involved with the investigation of the curious phone call to the Cambridge News. See

Unsolved No. 17, 1984, Chapman Pincher [alleged MI6 asset?]p. 346. About 25 minutes before Kennedy was shot an anonymous caller told the newspaper that if it contacted the American Embassy in London it would get some 'big news'. When the information about the call eventually reached CIA headquarters in the States Angleton dealt

with it and sent a memo on it to Hoover. It seemed to implicate the Soviet Embassy. Michael Eddowes has

taken this up but another investigator could find little conformation for the story and the staff at the paper knew

nothing about it." Stephen Dorril. "Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico: New leads." pp.16. footnote 19. Lobster. No. 6.

I seem to remember "BBC Newsnight" or it's predecessor "Tonight" did something on Osborne late 70's early 80's. But I might be mistaken.

Bowen/Osborne in Torbit Mss. Available on the Internet.

"John H Bowen, alias Albert Osborne." pp.232-235. Bernard Fensterwald. Coincidence Or Conspiracy.

Osborne Mexico trip see: Letter by Mike Sylwester. The Fourth Decade Vol 1, No. 6. Sept 1994. "JFK: Oswald trail led to ex-Knox man." Jim Balloch Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tenessee) copy from Ian Griggs.

Also Osborne birth certificate. Supplied by Ian Griggs.

H.C. Nash. Citizen's Arrest. pp.203-205. footnote p.282.

It's possible that documents on this are available in CIA London files, but I don't know if any have been released.

3.Dr. John Bryan McFarland and his wife Meryl McFarland on coach trip to Mexico City with Lee Harvey Oswald

Warren Commission testimony? The McFarland's lived in Liverpool. Dr. McFarland is a surgeon and has written a number of text books on surgery. He currently lives abroad, his wife lives in Liverpool. They have been plagued for years with phone calls from investigators, TV programme makers etc. I understand they are not interested in talking about it.

4. "British Who Killed Kennedy Committee" What did they do? The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation in Nottingham, said "The British 'Who Killed Kennedy?' Committee was wound up many years ago, but it did succeed in keeping open the question of the Kennedy assassination and helped to find Mark Lane a publisher, whereas he had been completely ignored previously." CIA may have infiltrated Ralph Schoenman into group? Was he already Russell's secretary. Anyone want to interview the remaining members. John Arden, Carolyn Wedgwood Benn, Michael Foot, Hugh Trevor-Roper & Ralph Schoenman still living. Others presumed dead.

Letter Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation from Ken Fleet. 22 March 1979. Mark Lane's book Rush To Judgment was published by the Bodley Head in 1966 and later became a best-seller Penguin paperback.

Members of the British 'Who killed Kennedy? Committee' are listed on the only publication I can find "The Warren Commission Report and The Assassination." By Mark Lane. The text of a lecture Lane gave at University College London, on 10 December 1964. Published as a 32 page A4 Booklet.

Members are as follows:

John Arden,

Carolyn Benn [American wife of Tony Benn. Committee not mentioned in his published diaries]

Lord Boyd,

John Calder,

Dr. Alex Comfort,

Prof. William Empsom,

Michael Foot,

Victor Gollancz,

Kingsley Martin,

Sir Compton Mackenzie,

J.B. Priestley,

Sir Herbert Read,

Tony Richardson,

Bertrand Russell.

Stockwood, the Bishop of Southwark

Prof. Hugh Trevor-Roper

Kenneth Tynan.

[The New Statesman Set.]

Ralph Schoeman aide to Bertrand Russell, is also a life long assassination buff, and alleged CIA asset. Compuserve correspondence,[Don't have ] has Schoeman looking into Permindex. Also has lecture on video [Have not seen].

"Much later, well after the Shaw Trail... we discovered Clay Shaw's secret life as an Agency man in Rome trying to bring Fascism back to Italy was exposed in articles in the Italian Press which we obtained from Schoeman." Garrison On The Trail of The Assassins. Penguin Books. p.87.

For a few of many references to Permindex. See:Dave Copeland Torbit mss. aka Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal. Also available on the Internet. An odd title for a very odd mss.

Mordecai Richler article on Mae Brussell and Permindex Playboy magazine May 1975.

Chapters 3 & 4, of Liberty Lobby's? Dope Inc:Britain's Opium War against the U.S. New Benjamin Franklin House. 1978.

"Permindex:Military-Industrial Complex Ike Warned Against." New Solidarity. (USLP) Not Seen.

"Neo-Fascism and the Kennedy Assassination." by Clark Blaise. Canadian Dimension. Sept-Oct, 1967.

Most of the previous references are unreliable and to be used with caution.

For an alternative view of Permindex see Stephen Dorril "Permindex:The International Trade in Disinformation." pp.24-31. Lobster 2. 1983. reprinted in The Third Decade Vol 2, No. 1 November, 1985.

Appearance of Schoeman on JFK documentary on cable: JFK Assassination hosted by James Earl Jones.

Memo BR wrote on Schoeman reprinted in Ronald W. Clarke Life of Bertrand Russell p.

Bertrand Russell Autobiography Vol Three. p.197-204. Reprints Russell's "16 Questions on the assassination." also published in America in Minority of One September 1964. and booklet listed in President's Book Box Catalogue ? item?

Bertrand Russell's America. Vol 2 1945-1970. p.210-211, 218. 387-389.

For a listing of British 'Who Killed Kennedy? Committee correspondence and Russell's unpublished introduction to Lane's book Rush to Judgment See: Catalogue of the Bertrand Russell Archives. p. 286. Bertrand Russell Archives held at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Bertrand Russell Archives web page [Bracers correspondence] : http://www.mcmaster.ca/russdocs/russell.htm

Bertrand Russell. Letter. The Times. 12 December, 1963.

Bertrand Russell. Letter. The Times. 26 May, 1964.

Bertrand Russell. "On The Report of The Warren Commission." Daily Worker. 8 October, 1964.

Bertrand Russell. Letter. Manchester Evening News. 27 November, 1964.

An Attack by Peace News on the 'Who Killed Kennedy Committee." Peace News. 1964.

Tony Richardson. Died Recently . Film Director. Made film 'Tom Jones' helped finance Rush to Judgment film. Frewin Videography p.32. Commitee not mentioned in Richardson's recent Autobiography.

Kenneth Tynan: Not mentioned in The Life of Kenneth Tynan by Kathleen Tynan. Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1987

Carolyn Wedgewood Benn is American wife of Tony Benn. The US would not have liked to see that she was a member of the commitee. The Commitee not mentioned in Benn Diaries. Benn's basement archive might hold something.Being published on CD ROM.

Prof. Hugh Trevor-Roper [Lord Dacre] Born 1914. Regius Professor of Modern History. During the war held a commission in Military Intelligence.[British Intelligence] Did he work for MI5 or more likely MI6? Was he a spook? or just an academic drafted in for the duration of the war. How does his Intelligence report on the death of Hitler compare to the published book. Last Days of Hitler.

What are we to make of the reports of new information out of Russian archives that Hitler escaped death in the bunker? Professor Norman Stone was reportedly writing a new book. Hitler:The Final Report. HarperCollins. However as at October 1995 the publication had been deferred and neither the UK or USA editions had appeared. Another new book by Hugh Thomas The Dopplegangers.4th Estate. was published on schedule and again as at October 1995, only a few months later, has already been remaindered and spotted in Manchester at £4.99! A slight air of mystery surrounds the third, and possibly best, account, by Ada Petrova & Peter Watson, The Death of Hitler. This book was the first issued by a new publishing company Richard Cohen Books, London. It only remained in the shops for a few months over the V.E. Day period, but it appears to have vanished without trace. It included much information and many photographs from Russia's secret archives. And now comes news of Martin Bormann.

Hugh Trevor Roper, Background: Cave Brown, Anthony. Treason In The Blood: H. St. John Philiby, Kim Philiby, and the Spy case of the Century. Robert Hale. 1995. pp.489-490.

As Warren Report Critic wrote an Introduction to Rush to Judgment. An earlier draft was also published as a reprint and wrote:

"Kennedy Murder Enquiry is suspect." 13 December, 1964. p.21. Illus. Times.?

"How was the President shot - Did Oswald have Accomplices?" Sunday Times. 3 January, 1965. p.9. Illus.

"Slovenly Warren Report." Atlas Vol 9, February, 1965. pp.115-118.

About Him:

Hodgson, Godfrey. [CIA Asset? Listed in Namebase] "Trevor-Roper and the Warren Commission - Who is right?" Observer. 20 December, 1964. p. 5. Illus. Not seen.

It's likely that the CIA and maybe the FBI, took a greater interest in him, then other critics because he was part of the British establishment, and he had maintained a close relationship with Harold Macmillan, the recently retired Conservative Prime Minster, and Sir Dick White , head of MI6. He was harder for them to deal with. Many suspected CIA assets took part in trying to discredit him. It's reported, but not confirmed that Robert Kennedy went so far as to thank Trevor Roper for writing about the case.

I need to check out Tom Bowers book on Dick White. I think it contains a group photo that includes White and Trevor-Roper.

Possibly ruined reputation by authenticating fake Hitler Diaries for Sunday Times newspapers. Is an Historian of the Elizabeth period?

Chris Mills looking into Russell committee

5. Nerin E, Gun. Red Roses from Texas. Never Published in USA.

Widely rumoured that CIA staff at US Embassy Grosvener Square London bought up all available copies. Gun a survivor of Dachau concentration camp wrote three books. In chronological order of publication they were: 1. Day of the Americans [about Dachau] 2. Red Roses from Texas. 3. Eva Braun [Hitler's


Warren Commission has it translated from the French Edition as "Red Roses of Dallas." The Book was also published in French Edition:Les Roses Rouges de Dallas. Rene Julliard.Paris. 1964. 217pp. London Embassy referred me to CIA, Washington D.C. Gun. Born, 22 February, 1924 in Rome, Italy of Turkish parents. MF Index: CE 2580; CD 1081a; CD 1209, p.1; CD1218, p.6; CD 1488; CIA 662-834; CIA 1137-425c; CIA 1229-514, p.1.

6. British nurse Diana Bowron at Parkland Hospital Livingstone Killing The Truth. p. Swansea policeman Detective Constable Paul Henwood tracked her down for Livingstone. Patrick Fletcher "British Witness In Assassination Traced." Wales on Sunday newspaper

Bowron Exhibts 2,3 & 4. Warren Hearings Vol XIX. pp167-170 & Vol VI. p138. Check Derbyshire newspapers? Various English newspaper at the time. "British Witness In Assassination Traced." Wales on Sunday newspaper. Reprinted in Dallas 63. Vol 1. No.3, August,1994.

7. Arthur L. Goodhart. CIA Media asset. Exposed by Tony Summers.

"Hatchet job revealed." The Observer. 7 September, 1980.

Reprinted in JFK Assassination Forum No.40 December, 1980.

List of Articles:

"Where Warren's critics fail: attack's 'malicious or ignorant'." Sunday Telegraph. 25 September, 1966. p.6.

"The mysteries of the Kennedy Assassination and the English press." Law quarterly review. Vol 83, Jan 1967. pp.23-63.

"The Warren Commission from a procedural standpoint." New York University Law Review. Vol 40, May 1965 pp.404-423.

"Warren Commission:the critics and the law;legal ignorance and false logic." Reporter Vol 35, 15th Dec 1966. pp.47-48, 50.

And also articles in New Law Journal. Check them? "Mark Lane's The Case for Oswald." Reviewed. p.1330. September 23, 1966. Letters "The Kennedy Assassination." p.109. 26 January, 1967. "The Kennedy Assassination and The Press." Review of A.L. Goodhart. [Myths and Myth-Makers] p.7719 January, 1967. [Myths and Myth-Makers]- Dr. Goodhart Replies. pp.136-137. 2 Feb, 1967. I have only found copies on microfilm and they don't photocopy very well. Is their a Law index so I could find more.

Goodhart married into an American family. His son Philip Goodhart is a Tory M.P. Who's Who. Has three sons, who went into Banking, Law & Politics. Married into wealthy American family.

8. Mr. President. Novel about the assassination. [LBJ did it] George Martin. Fact & Fiction Ltd. 1967. Never Seen. Only seen promotional booklet. Probably was never published. What was it about? Check Lib of Congress cat on Internet.

9. Mark Lane, the BBC and the TV broadcast of the film "Rush To Judgment."

Frewin. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy:An Annotated Film,TV and Videography, 1963-1992. p.28-29 [81] BBC programme 5 hour programme "The Death of Kennedy. p.31-33 [85] Rush To Judgment film Mark Lane. A Citizen's Dissent.

Mark Lane. "Shut That Guy Up." Oz. No. 2. March 1967.

Mark Lane. "How The BBC Gagged Me." The Spokesman. 1967. Not Seen.

Barnard, Roger. "An Interview with Mark Lane. Peace News pp.3-4. Illus. 7 October, 1966. Not Seen.

"BBC buys film of 'Rush to Judgment." ? newscutting.

1967 "Rush To Judgment film " Shown on Channel Four television with a short introduction by Emile de Antonio.

10. CIA Document "Countering criticism of the Warren Report. 1 April 1967. I read that it was Harold Weisberg who obtained this under the FOIA around 1976. This dispatch sent to Chiefs, Certain Stations and Bases. Instructs CIA officers and agents on how to conduct a campaign against Warren Commission critics. Critics mentioned included Lane, Joesten, and The British "Who Killed Kennedy Committee." Has the full text and appendices been released. Do we know who it went to and how it was used by the CIA's media assets.

For reprints of this now infamous CIA document see: James DiEugenio. Destiny Betrayed. 1992. pp.310-320. Lobster No. 23 pp. 26-27. Christy Macy & Susan Kaplan Documents Penguin Books. 1980. pp 88-91.

11. Michael Eddowes. Assassination Buff. Born? Died 28 December,1993. Obituary: Daily Telegraph 1st January, 1994. Books in chronological order of publication were: 1. Khrushchev Killed Kennedy [published privately] 2. Nov 22 How They Killed Kennedy. 3. The Oswald File. and his assistant Michael ? Capital Radio Interview. Not seen. Wrote a famous book on the Christie/Evans case Man on his Conscience. Better read than his assassination books.

Michael Eddowes Books:

Khrushchev Killed Kennedy.

Nov 22 How They Killed Kennedy.

The Oswald File.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Report on the Activities of an Impostor who Assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Self Published. 1978. This is one book I had not seen before. Listed in Frewin Videography... p.146.

Mark Law "Was Kennedy's Death A Soviet Plot?" Sunday Telegraph Magazine. No. 232. 8 March 1981. Profile of Eddowes. Earned his living later as restauranteur but did work as a divorce lawyer.

Sold only 2,500 copies of How They Killed Kennedy. Spent £110,000 on Oswald exhumation. Rumour Eddowes connected to British Intelligence or had close links to them. Their may be CIA/FBI files on him. Involved in Profumo case.

12. Joachim Joesten. Assassination Buff. Books: Anyone have a run of Joesten's "Truth Letter" Any British references in it. According to Harry Irwin, Joesten only had only six British subscribers. Only one of his books published in the USA Oswald Assassin or Fall Guy. Marzani & Munsell, 1964.

Ian MacFarlane. Proof of Conspiracy in the Assassination of President Kennedy. Book Distributors. Australia. 1975. p.6.

13. Clay Shaw contacts in Britain. Anthony Edward Weeks. [Pseudonym] Anthony Frewin ]"Late breaking news on Clay Shaw's United Kingdom contacts. pp.13-17, 20-23. Lobster 20. An Expanded Edition of this article was published as a 37 page A4 booklet by the JFK Assassination Information Centre. Dallas. 1992. at $12.50.

14. Jackdaw Kit. Also published in the USA by Grossman publications. Spy Writer Len Deighton and two other writers, one from Penguin Books and one from Sunday Times put it together. Bibliography of Len Deighton p.? US Customs seized all copies because of Presidential seal on back of folder and stopped them being imported into the US. Have seen an unidentified newscutting on this. Write to Penguin? Deighton ? Deighton wrote article on President's missing shirt in Observer?? What missing Shirt? That article panned by Paul Hoch in his EOC newsletter. Blurb on dust wrapper of Summers book.

15. John Sparrow, Warden of All Souls, Oxford. Recently released documents have him down as CIA asset. [Not seen.] Any Intelligence/Military connections? Reviewed Lane's Rush To Judgment and had acrimonious correspondence with Lane in TLS. Sparrow's side gathered together in his book After The Assassination. 1967. Times Literary Supplement [TLS] and close to the Johnson White House? Years later, wrote a review of Kurtz Crime of the Century for TLS. See Frewin FBI London File...

TLS Index not seen, might have references. Also Frewin FBI London File... Book. All Souls is a Oxford College with no undergraduates and few women. To get in you had to pass a written exam and once you passed you were given nowdays £9,000 a year and told to study whatever you liked. Famous recipients of All Souls, include Politicians John Redwood & Lord Hailsham

16. Nelson Delgado. Associate of Oswald in Marines. in Britain, Liverpool Echo reprinted in JFK Assassination Forum.

Interview with Richard Duckenfield broadcast Look North, BBC 1. 27 July, 1979.

"Why Kennedy probe man lives in fear." Tony Riley. Liverpool Echo. Friday 27th July, 1979. Reprinted in JFK.AF No. 35 August 1979.

"The man who is too scared to go home." Bill Hudson. Warrington Guardian. Friday 27th July, 1979.

"Kennedy assassination- the Lowtown connection." Bill Hudson & Harry Brunskill. Newton and Golborne. [Warrington Guardian series] c. July 1979.

"Kennedy Shooting- man still in fear." Liverpool Daily Post. p.7 28 July, 1979.

"Shade of Oswald visits friend in Britain." The Guardian. p.4. 28 July, 1979.

17. Peter Dawnay. Publisher of Joachim Joesten. Books and newsletter. "Assassination 68" newsletter. Vol 1 Issue 1. 18th October, 1968 - Vol 1. issue 4. 28th January, 1969. Ran to 4 issues.

19. Brian Burden, Braintree , Essex. original editor of JFK Assassination Forum. Friend and contact to Peter Dawnay. Dawnay mentioned in back of Lord Longford Kennedy paperback.

20. Rumour that Jim Garrison appeared on BBC TV Dee Time? 1969? Chat show put out Saturday tea time on BBC 1. Did he appear or was it more likely guests who talked about Garrison enquiry. Rumour that Simon Dee was dismissed sometime after. Apparently BBC have wiped most copies of Dee Time.

21. JFK Assassination Forum. Ran for 8 years from No. [1] September, 1974 until No [46] July 1982. Editor Harry Irwin.

Raymond E. Ritchie Index to JFK Assassination Forum: issues 1-46. 30 pages. $4.50.

Raymond E. Ritchie, 5 Belmont Avenue, Randolph, Maine 04345 USA.

22. Policemen in Preston worked on MLK case with Mark Lane

23. Granada TV Peter Wright Interview. Which has bit in it about Mind Control Says LHO involved in Mind Control and later showings of the Granada programme had that part taken out. Any truth to this. Did Peter Wright know anything more about the Assassination?

25. Central TV programme Nigel Turner "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." Is tale of French Cosican assassins deliberate disinformation or what. Who is Steve Rivelle and how did he get to appear on the documentary? He was the original author of The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Originally to be published in Paris, France as Les Assassins de J.F.Kennedy. it was cancelled after the TV documentary fiasco. The only coverage I have seen is the major article in L'Express, 4 November, 1988. [No. 1947] "Kennedy: contre-enquete sur trois truands" pp.52-59. including p56-59 extracts from the book by Steve Rivele. Also see "Kennedy assassination book halted." The Bookseller. 11 November, 1988. p.1908. Originally to be published by either Libraire Plon SA, of Les Presses de la Cite. A member of Dallas 63 Jed Sheenhan has compiled a 100 page verbatim transcript of the TV programmes and video releases.

See Dallas 63 Vol 1. No. 4. for letter from Andrew Antonouris and reply from Gary Mack. Also Dallas 63 Vol 2. No. 1. p.17. for letter from J. Gary Shaw correcting errors in Gary Mack letter. The latest Jan/Feb 1996 issue of "Fair Play" [ http://rmii.com/~jkelin/fp.html] on the WWW has a long summary of Steve Rivelle's French book "The Assassins of Kennedy"? Anyone have any more details of this book. Also Rivelle reportedly wrote/collaborated on the screenplay for the Oliver Stone movie "Nixon."

26. RFK Evening Standard series on Sirhan in Matthew Smith's Vendetta pp.193-198. Mention's three articles by Jon Kimche [Mossad Asset? Namebase?] London Evening Standard June and July 1968. "Bobby:Riddle of Trips by Sirhan." 13 June, 1968. 17 June 1968, & 18 July 1968. Three Arab governments [Egypt, Syria and Lebanon] collaborated to piece together Sirhan's background and movements. p.194. I recall reading that Bud Fensterwald interviewed journalist? in 1970's? "Is Sirhan Sirhan an agent of the CIA?" Peter Dawnay's Assassination 68 newsletter Vol.1. No.4. 28th January, 1969. Anything in Joesten Truth Letter? Don't have any copies..

27. Martin Luther King magistrates London hearing of James Earl Ray.

28. Labour Monthly in 1964 and again in 1967 said CIA to blame.

29. Mark Lane's visit to Britain and publication by Allen Lane of Penguin Books. Rush To Judgment. First published in hardback by Bodley Head and then in paperback by Penguin Books.

30.Sunday Times Insight team investigation. Have Colour Supplement

31. FBI investigation in London? What happened to report? Interview with Charles Bates London FBI Man in Anthony Summers Official and Confidential paperback p.427. Did FBI agents operate out of London and how many? See Frewin book. Listed as Item 47.

"The recently retired head of the FBI in London [Charles Bates] is reported to have said that one of his two most interesting assignments during his seventeen years in London has been the investigation following the Assassination of President Kennedy." Eddowes Nov 22. p342.

32. Secret Investigation for Kennedy family done by Scotland yard Detective. Penn Jones The Continuing Inquiry issue??

Secret report on assassination to be published shortly.

For another different report. "Jackie calls in Private Eye." Private Eye No. 89. 14 May 1965. Onassis is also thought to have investigated, and had secret report written, son murdered in aircraft accident because of it? Information on investigation: Onassis's butler, Carfarkis.

Onassis funded secret Scotland Yard investigation.Info: Onassis butler,

Carfarkis. Onassis funded secret New York detective investigation. Sprague Taking of America. Carfarkis

Secret burglaries of Kennedy families houses in Britain?? Lee Radziwell?? Source: Dawnay Assassination 68 newsletter??? Dig out references memory may be wrong.

And Rand corporation [CIA front?] did one as well.

Also LBJ ordered report from CIA.

Mossad had investigation, said Mafia did it. By Way of Deception.

LBJ given secret Warren Report? Zwart. Invitation to Hairsplitting.

Jackie Kennedy knowledge to be released in 50 years time.

Secret FBI team also investigated. Livingstone Killing The Truth. p.

Gordon Winters allegation BOSS said General Vernon Walters involved. " 'A general (named Walters I seem to remember) masterminded the JFK killing according to BOSS files. It was done to get rid of JFK and Bring longtime CIA man Lyndon Johnson to Power..." Lobster issue No. 7. p.15.

Re Boss files. Now that Nelson Mandela is South African President, it will be interesting to see if these files will be released. My guess is that once Mandela came to power, BOSS shredded all the incriminating documents. Still it might be worth a try.

LBJ is listed as CIA in the East German publication, Mader Who's Who in the CIA. In the copy of Namebase I have, Brandt doesn't mention this

33. James Earl Ray's arrest in London. An ex-policeman from Preston say's he was investigator for Mark Lane, at the time of HSCA. Had transcript of Court appearance in London. A transcript is not thought to exist?

34. LWT Trail of Oswald. 40 hours of outakes. Not seen outakes. Reviewed by Paul Hoch in his Echo of Conspiracy newsletter.

35. Plot by Cubans to kill JFK on visit to Ireland. Conversation overheard in Metropole Hotel bar, Cork around June 1963.Chapter 17 " Cork instead of Dallas?" pp.134- 140. T.P. O'Mahony. The Kennedy Restoration. Backwater Press. Dublin, 1993. Also Irish Press, Dublin newspaper article c.November 1993. Birmingham newspaper article??

36. Central TV documentary. Nigel Turner. "The Men Who Killed kennedy." Any outakes.

37. Anthony Summers BBC Panorama outakes? Documentary film mentioned in his book Conspiracy. Dr. Peters[Pseudonym] later turns up as former Washington Police Inspector Joseph Shimon in BBC Hoover documentary. Mentioned in HSCA Volumes and Summers Hoover book. Official and Confidential

38. MI6 has file on the assassination. Who wrote it? Who read it? what was in it? Sir Dick White was head of MI6 at the time. Did Hugh Trevor-Roper have anything to do with it or see it? What about MI5?

39. Comer Clarke, British journalist, possible intelligence connections, mentioned in HSCA Volumes.

Comer Clarke wrote a number of books and newspaper articles. British Journalist?

Born? Died 1972

Published four books and numerous newspaper magazine articles. Need list?

The War Within.The Red Spy Net covering Britain and the West. Consul Books. 1961. 190pp. Illus. Paperback Original?

We The Hangman. paperback

If The Nazis Had Come. Consul Books. 1963. Not Seen. paperback.

England Under Hitler:The shocking plans for Britain under Nazi rule. New English Library. 143pp. September, 1972. Paperback. Reprint of original Consul Books, 1963 edition by larger publishing group.

Eichman: The Savage Truth. World paperback.

Journalist who worked for US/British Intelligence?

Sometimes misspelled "Clark"

Paul Hoch's Echoes of Conspiracy. 4 EOC 3, p.5-6 & 4 EOC 5, p.2.

House Select Committee Vols. 3 HSC 208. 3 HSC 283.

Blakely- Billings The Plot to Kill the President. Recently reprinted in paperback as Fatal Hour. p? Not Seen.

National Enquirer article 15 Oct,1967. 4 EOC 3, p.6 item 89. Also published by HSC as JFK exhibit F-428, 3 HSC 282.

Stephen Dorril. "Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico:New Leads." Lobster Issue 6. On Nina Gadd and Comer Clarke. "Gadd mentioned that she believes additional books were published under Clarke's wife's maiden name, unknown at this time." footnote.

40. Lord Harlech, friend of Kennedy died in road crash near Shewsbury.

41. Various deaths/disappearances in London. Adlai Stevenson? General Donald Donaldson mentioned in Gallery magazine, issue? Date? is this pure invention, did Donaldson really exist?

42. Profumo affair, possible connections to JFK via call girls. Mariella Novotny. Also useful for background reading and intelligence connections. Also Michael Eddowes involvement.

"On 8th March 1963, the Profumo story was first revealed in print by a small

newsletter called "Westminster Confidential" which printed a summary of the

stories Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davis (a friend of Keelers and another

member of the call-girl ring) were attempting to sell to the papers.

"Westminster Confidential" was run by an American-born journalist called Andrew Roth, who settled in Britain in 1950 and became a naturalised UK citizen. During the Second World War, Roth served in - yes, you guessed - the US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence." "In 1977, a biography of Wilson by...Andrew Roth Harold Wilson:the Yorkshire Walter Mitty, was withdrawn after Wilson issued a writ against it."

Alt.conspiracy.jfk From: David Boothroyd <david@election.demon.co.uk> Subject: Re: How JFK changed

the media Message-ID: <94101701525100393@election.demon.co.uk> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 00:52:51 GMT

Dorril/Ramsay Smear! Wilson & the Secret State. p.xiii.

43. Plot against Harold Wilson. Were James Angleton and CIA involved?

44. British mark on Oswald's gun? Letter Frewin to John Rudd. On 22 November 1963, a British revolver was found in paper bag on roof of TSBD. See: Summers latest Vanity Fair article. Don't have at present I am sure there is a reference to it. Also some FBI?documents have been released about it. Irrelevant take out.

45. BBC radio one DJ John Peel [Ravenscroft] in Dallas saw Ruby and Oswald at Police station as events unfolded. Wrote it up for local paper the Heswall News? Get copy. Also check Liverpool Echo at the time. Recent Radio Times article. In Granada's TV programme? and also in Gerald J. Stovey The Day The Shocked The World. Bookmark Pub. 1988. p. A coincidence is that most of the TV and media people were at the annual British Film Awards dinner at the Dorchester Hotel that evening at the time of the assassination. No doubt if a similar gathering had taken place in America, the staging of the event would now be regarded as a part of the conspiracy?

46. Public Record Office, 30 year rule. Anything released in 1994 or 1995. A unofficial P.R.O. web page exists. http://sable.ox.ac.uk/~malcolm/genealogy/pro & Anonymous FTP sable.ox.ac.uk directory/pub/users/malcolm/genealogy/pro

47. Frewin, Anthony. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's London File on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Calendared & Glossed. The Last Hurrah Press, Williamsport. USA. 1995. A look at the recently released FBI file, with comments by the author.

48. The Channel Four Dispatches programme "The Day the Dream Died." Anyone got a transcript or information on it. Any information about the French film producer Jean-Michel Charlier [Who also made three French TV documentaries about the JFK Assassination and others about the Intelligence services] Orville Nix film or David Ferrie on the grassy knoll. Ruby's statement " the man in office now" film, only mentioned in Murder From Within. Or any other details in the documentary.

49. Anyone got a list of British TV and radio programmes other then what's in Frewin. And Hale/Irwin bibliography. Is it worth contacting TV producers for out takes. What happens to them. Are they destroyed?

50. Anyone know the names of London CIA/FBI field office members. What did they investigate? One FBI man Charles Bates listed as interviewed in Summers Hoover book

51. Ireland to bring in a FOIA in the future. If this happens what sort of information would be available in Irish Government archives?

52. While looking through the March 1967 issue of Oz No.2 (the only copy of Oz I have), Beside an article by Mark Lane on the BBC Rush to Judgment programme. It also publishes a letter, that I reprint in full:

February 9 [1967]

Dear Sir

It's a pleasure to have your support. Remind me one day to tell you about Private Eye and the assassination. Not that they were involved in planning it, but they played an interesting role in joining with the establishment to lead the attack upon critics of the Warren Commission.

They apologised ( [John] Wells did) and a year later agreed to run a favourable article or interview. They never did. Wells apologised again and said that Bernard Levin was very close to the publication and he was in love with the Report, PE [Private Eye] could do nothing.

Good luck with Oz. I am framing the drawing of LBJ.


Mark Lane


Private Eye didn't take kindly to the launch of the new publication OZ. And Lane might have used this to get on friendly terms with Neville. Richard Ingrams said "Oz is gratifyingly bad..." "Peter Cook...stood in a Soho bar, lit a match and sent Oz up in flames." Richard Neville. Hippie Hippie Shake: The dreams, the trips, the trials, the love in's, the screw ups, the sixties. Bloomsbury. 1995. p.77.

Looking at the covers of Oz covering the end-papers of Neville's book, Oz one has an article about "The Death of a President." Has anyone got a copy?

" Mark Lane, the American lawyer, came to London to promote his book Rush to Judgement, which rejected the findings of the Warren Commission into the assassination of President Kennedy. The BBC presented a live five-hour special on the assassination, supposedly to test the arguments put forward by Lane and to allow replies by the Commision's lawyers. To my amazement - and that of the viewers who jammed the switchboards - the BBC not only sided with the Commission, but prevented Lane from presenting his case. It was as though, at the last minute, the BBC had been subjected to an edict from the Foreign Office. Mark Lane had enjoyed our first issue ('I've framed the portrait of LBJ'), and had sent us a wad of copy which detailed the behind-the-scenes mechanics off BBC censorship." Neville. pp.77-78.

I have been though the the sixties issues of Private Eye, available on microfilm, and I found very, very few references to the assassination, maybe half a dozen at the most. Nothing exciting. Considering Private Eye's alleged investigative power, publish and be dammed! and it's claim to be an anti establishment, it struck me as surprising how tame many of the sixties issues were. Perhaps the best thing in it was Paul Foot's contributions.

I would love to see a run of Oz. Martin Sharp's brilliant illustrations set the tone of the time. They are available on microfilm, but I have not seen them. On CD ROM? Or housed in special collections? I would like to know. Do they contain any other assassination material.

I also look at the collection of alternative magazines on microfilm issed by Havester press. I also have a bibliography of Alternative magazines [Title not known at this time] published by Havester Press. See also: Nigel Fountain. Underground: The London Alternative Press 1966-74. Very disappointing, a couple of items about Bilderburg, An advert for a German book on the assassination available from the author ?? Who I wrote to, and: Matusow, Harvey. "J. Edgar Hoover - Kennedy's Assassin?" Friends.(Frendz)? 1 January, 1971. p.1, 4 & 6. Illus. This is the first mention outside of Joesten's writings suggesting Hoover may have be involved. Remember Hoover was still living. Matusow was an FBI informant and stooge during the Senator McCathy/Hoover inspired HUAC hearings.

Bernard Levin [Is he a CIA media asset?] appeared on the BBC 23rd November 1963 Kennedy tribute "That was the week that was" programme. The soundtrack was issued on an LP. I can't remember exactly what he said. He appears to have various links to the right and has used his regular Times column for a succession of cranky right views over the years. it would be worthwhile for someone to check out his background and journalism. I would guess it's already been done. I didn't know he had links to Private Eye.

What I guess is a sanitised version of Levin's relations with Private Eye appears in Patrick Marnham The Private Eye Story: The first 21 years. Fontana paperback. 1983. p.200.

Levin, Bernard. The Pendulum Years. paperback. pp.40-42. Calls the people opposed to the findings of the Warren Report, an Assassination Industry. Which it wasn't.

Still going strong, churning out rubbish as late as 1988.

"we would not be bracing ourselves for yet another deluge of rubbish demonstrating after he was killed not by Lee Harvey Oswald but in a conspiracy organized by the Mersey Docks and Habour Board under the direction of the Pope. There are many reasons why I wish he had not died that day in Dallas, all of them much more important, but the products of the 'Who killed Kennedy?' industry constitutes one of the most depressing." "The last hurrah" reprinted from The Times 21 November, 1988. Bernard Levin. Now Read On. Cape. 1990. p.116.

Levin, Bernard. "The Bell tolls in Dallas." The Listener. 5 December, 1963. p.914.

Levin, Bernard. "Fools, knaves and muck-rackers." Daily Mail. 22 September, 1966. P.8. Listed in NARA on-line Index. RIF ?

Also Private Eye seems to have been used unwittingly as a conduit by MI5 to smear Harold Wilson. For a list of stories carried by Private Eye. See: Stephen Dorril & Robin Ramsay. Smear! Wilson and the Secret State.

Private Eye Listing:

Private Eye. No. 51. p.3. 29 November, 1963

Private Eye. No. 55. p.13. 24 January, 1964

Private Eye. No. 84. p.4. 5 March, 1965

Private Eye. No. 89. p.16 14 May, 1965

Private Eye. No. 127. p.4. 29 October, 1966. Emile De Antonio? Rush To Judgment film.

Private Eye. No. 132. p.13. 6 January, 1967 Spoof Cartoon.

Private Eye. No.? p.5. 3 February, 1967. Spoof advert for W. Manchester.

Private Eye. No. 449. p.8. 2 March, 1979. Letter from A. H. Whetstone. "Laser Fever" About lasers being aimed at Mexico Embassy windows to collect data.

Letter re Laser technology from Paul Rigby. 12 June,1995. For another example of laser technolgy. "During a cabinet meeting in 1959 a beam of brilliant light suddenly pierced one end of the room...Some of us on the staff has witnessed a demostration a month earlier of a scientific development which makes it possible to hear a conversation carried on in a car or room blocks away by "shooting" a ray of light off a window... it may have been the sun reflected off a polished hotel window." Robert Keith Gray. Eighteen Acres Under Glass. MacMillan. 1962. p.25.

"The network of close personal connections established in OSS [the fore runner of the CIA] "Helped bridge some of the widest gaps in America society and could be called upon in case of need long after the war ended. For example, when in 1964 former British Intelligence man Trevor Roper had the temerity to attack the Warren Commission Report in the Sunday Times, commission member Allen Dulles turned for advice on what to do to former CIA and OSS man Frank Wisner. Wisner in turn contracted ex-OSS man and former Kennedy adviser Arthur Schlesinger, who recommended that since Bernard Levin had just published a piece attacking Trevor Roper, it would therefore not be necessary for Schlesinger himself to produce a rebuttal.But it is difficult to imagine that any other American WW2 agency created a system of intimate contact between people as diverse as Schlesinger, Wisner and Dulles that was capable of such rapid and smooth communication twenty years after the end of the war." Bradley F. Smith. The Shadow Warriors. p.414. Reprinted in Lobster No. 7. p.13.

Wisner and Dulles were friends/associates. Also Schlesinger and Dulles are listed in Mader Who's Who in the CIA. while Wisner is not. "people as diverse..." sounds like disinformation from Smith, aren't the higher echelons of the CIA all part of the same Gentleman's club.

National Archives Classified Documents pertaining to the Kennedy Assassination. March 1967.

Reprinted as Appendix 1 in James Hepburn. Farewell America. 1968.

A selection relating to Britain:

597 FBI Bundesnachrichtendienst [FIA] file 21/1/64 [ Is this Joachim Joesten's Nazi file obtained from the British?] FIA is the Federal Intelligence Agency, West Germany. Reinhard Gehlen's headed it. Controlled by the CIA.

1427 FBI re maintaining contact w Albert Alexander Osbourne 7/5/64 Washington D.C.

1457 FBI Mark Lane and his trip to Europe 17/8/64 Washington D.C.

1532 CIA Documents seized at end WWII re Joachim Joesten 1/10/64

53. Lawyer Dr. William Pepper has written a new book on the Martin Luther King assassination, wants reopening of case. Orders To Kill. Carrol & Graf, New York. October 1995. Has new evidence.See: newscutting? Not Seen.

54. Les Nordin. Claimed to know James Hepburn, author of Farewell America. Described Hepburn as a covert member of British intelligence.

Who wants to know?

Roger Peterson, 3090 Union Street, Rocklin, California 95677- 1837 USA. In p.15. Open Secrets Vol. 1. No. 2. January, 1995.

[In the Hinckle/Turner book Deadly Secrets p.259 Hepburn is named as Herve Lamarr, a veteran French intelligence operative.]

55. Ronan O'Rahilly working on "King Kennedy:The Ultimate Treason." Documentary film composed of archived international footage demonstrating who was behind three famous political assassinations. Address for more information: Howard Goldstein, Casablanaca Productions, PLC, 25 Harley Street, London W1N2BR. Tel No: 071 637 8555. From p.15. Open Secrets Vol. 1. No. 2. January, 1995.

56. Tom Bethell: "An Englishman with a rather strange background" Penn Jones Forgive My Grief III. p.42. Said to be the traitor in the Garrison enquiry. CIA? I have read on "alt conspiracy.jfk newsgroup" [Ref lost] that the CIA had 11 agents inside Garrison's office. Was Bethell one of them? Paris Flammonde. The Kennedy Conspiracy. pp. 139, 198. Not Seen. Connected to Oxford, City or University? Some refs in Namebase. Not had time to print out. Also see Washington Times CD Rom. Appears to have been columnist for the American Spectator magazine. Not Seen. Who gets these people these job's. Is also mentioned in Mary Ferrell Name Index to 26 Vols and Commission Documents, which was reprinted in parts in Penn Jones The Continuing Inquiry. I have an incomplete run of this index. If anyone has a complete run of the Index or know's if it's on computer disc could they tell me.

Letter from Ian Griggs, 5 July 1995

"You may be interested in knowing that Lapham gave a job to Tom Bethell, shortly after Bethell's role in helping to sabotage Garrison--this to a former schoolteacher from England, on holiday to study jazz in New Orleans, who suddenly became a conspiracy aficianado, with no prior journalistic experience. Bethell became an assistant editor of HARPERS before he went on to have his "Column Right" at the LA TIMES, and to work for NATIONAL REVIEW. Chris Sharrett"

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 22:41:55 -0000

From: Christopher Sharrett <sharrech@lanmail.shu.edu>

To: jriley@kendaco.telebyte.com, jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com

Subject: Lewis Lapham -Reply

Lewis Lapham was General Counsel for CIA for a number of years -- same guy as Harper's editor. However, keep in mind that Lapham has never been "covert" in the sense that his background was known before he went to work for Harper's. If you read his essays, he's no friend of the Cold Warrior mentality and got disgusted with the whole thing.

More interesting, perhaps, is another Lapham, Aaron, who (as best I can tell but never got absolute confirmation is Lewis's brother) figures in a whole bunch of stuff. He's mentioned in Secret Agenda and he's the author of "Orchids for Mother", a "novel" about James Jesus Angleton that probably tells more about Watergate than any book published to date. I'll try to write up some of that info if anyone is interested.

" Tom Bethell was in charge of Garrison's files. Just as the case

was coming to trial, he stole the trial brief and supporting

documentation from Garrison and passed it over to the defense. Then, he

had the gall to continue working in Garrison's office! Lou Ivon finally

determined it was Bethell, who confessed, and then left the office."

"In Jim Brown's unpublished book on the Garrison case, it was interesting

to see that Bethell was one of the least enthusiastic people in

Garrison's office. Add to that that Bethell used to sit around and argue

in defense of the Warren Commission and you wonder why no one had the

suspicion he was less than interested in helping out. But in those days,

no one understood what they were up against, and how such infiltration

was done. Hey, he kept a good system for maintaining the files, he MUST

be a good guy, right? Oh boy."

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 18:03:03 -0000From:Lisa Pease <lpease@netcom.com>Subject: Bethell's role

To:jfk-conspiracy <jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com>

Mary Ferrell Index: [TCI March 1977] CIA Release of April 1976, No. 414, No. 420 (Not Named), CIA Releases of Jan 1977, No.s 1093-413, 1093-414, 1107-420.

57. Henry Brandon: MF Index: British correspondent of London Sunday Times. Stationed in Washington, D.C. Wrote an article in Saturday Review, 9 May 1964, which prompted Allen Dulles to write to J. Lee Rankin. CD 1345. Obituary Independent, 23 April, 1993. "Brandon was one of the post-war school of journalists who were happy to act as mouthpiece for the secret services and foreign policy establishments of the NATO bloc." Lobster 26. p.26.

58. British overseas foreign news correspondents, resident in Washington at the time. It would be worthwhile doing a list of them, as it is possible that they would not have had the pressure put on them by Hoover's FBI. They might also have dug stuff out that has been printed but up to now hidden in British newspapers. My guess is that American researchers have made no effort to look at British newspaper archives. My feeling is also that some of foreign correspondents had to be intelligence assets. Jean Campbell of the Evening Standard. Her articles are mentioned in Joesten's works.

59. British astrology magazine in print on the day of JFK's murder

"The President may make powerful enemies among his own people, and I would

not rule out the possibility of an attempted assassination or worse if he is

caught off his guard. Mr. President, I am deeply concerned for your personal

safety and would respectfully urge you to strengthen your bodyguard,

especially when you are in the streets and other public places."

- John Pendragin, astrologer, in British Fate magazine, October 25, 1963

From: INDIGOCOP@aol.com Date:Thu, 19 Oct 1995 13:06:26 -0000 To: jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com, Olallabob@aol.com Subject: Little Known Oddities Sender: owner-jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com Little known facts department

I personally don't believe in astrology. So this is either a coincidence or the rarest of rarities, an astrologer getting it right, or someone with personal inside knowledge.

60. New Nigel Turner BBC TV documentary. "The Men Who Killed Kennedy:Part Six, The Truth Shall Make You Free," It's reported on the Internet as being a BBC documentary, but Nigel Turner usual works for Central television. Not seen.

Sender: owner-jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com Precedence: list Reply-To: jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com

I stumbled on something called USA News...

Anyway, the following is on the upcoming showing of "The

Men Who Killed Kennedy", and it even has a cool full-size GIF

of Nigel Turner, the producer!

-- Bill Cleere


Was JFK Assassination A Secret U.S. Coup d'Etat?

CAPTION: Nigel Turner, producer of "The Men Who Killed


(NUI) - An award-winning British film director, who believes

that the 1963 assassination of John F.

Kennedy was in essence a still-secret American coup d'etat, is

presenting exclusive new filmed evidence on

the events of Nov. 22, 1963, for Americans who watch The

History Channel.

Nigel Turner has filmed witnesses and technical experts whose

testimony, he says, makes "it almost

certain that Kennedy was killed when the Kennedy brothers' own

plot to assassinate Fidel Castro was

infiltrated by rogue CIA agents who, along with Mafia bosses

and angry Cuban exiles, turned the plot

against the Kennedys themselves."

Turner's film "The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Truth Shall Make

You Free," is the sixth installment in

a series that debuted in his native country. The first five

episodes of the series aired on A&E Network in

1991, then were distributed worldwide.

Among Turner's revelations:

Current film technology that looks at the Zapruder film and

other photographic evidence of the Kennedy

assassination and proves conclusively that, contrary to federal

government findings, the bullet that killed

the president entered his right temple from the front and blew

a large hole in the back of his head. This

means that Lee Harvey Oswald, who was behind the motorcade,

could not have killed Kennedy.

The autopsy photographs in the National Archives have been

doctored to advance the

bullet-from-behind scenario.

Testimony by a former staff member of the House Select

Committee on Assassinations that their

investigations were blocked at every turn by the FBI and the

CIA, "who looked on the committee as the


Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin, who was trained as

a military assassin at Fort Bragg, turned

down a request by a CIA official that he murder Lt. Cmdr.

William Bruce Pitzer, Head of the Navy's TV

unit at Bethesda Hospital, Md., who had photographs that showed

the true nature of Kennedy's fatal head


"The British and other people around the world care about who

killed Kennedy because we all are

concerned that the greatest democracy may be crumbling without

the American people being aware of it,"

Turner says. "Can you kill a sitting U.S. president and get

away with it? Apparently, yes, you can."

racy@netcom.com; Sat, 25 Nov 1995 07:33:35 -0500

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 07:33:35 -0500

Message-ID: <951125073335_88539451@mail02.mail.aol.com>

To: jfk-conspiracy@netcom.com

Subject: Review of the History Channel's Nigel Turner Program


46 MIN, A & E, 1995, by Nigel Turner

Video 6 of The Men Who Killed Kennedy Series

$19.95 from 1-800-708-1776

The former mayor of Beverly Hills, Bob Tannenbaum, tells the viewers on

this video that he resigned as a member of the House Assassinations Committee

because "they really didn't want to find out the truth publicly." He states

that the CIA and intelligence agencies obstructed their requests for evidence

and that the committee itself did not want to subpoena anyone or conduct a

thorough investigation. They would not call witnesses who had views contrary

to the committee's.

Tom Wilson, for 30 years a top consultant for U.S. Steel for discovering

product defects through computer enhanced photography, shows his state-of

-the art computerized analysis of the photos of the wounds to JFK's head.

Using over 6000 pieces of mathematical information, he constructed a large

model of the projectile of the right temple wound which prove that the bullet

came from below upwards, from inside the manhole cover at the bottom of the

steps in Dealey Plaza and not from "badge man."

The autopsy photos released by the government are proven to show that

morticians' wax had filled in the right temple entrance wound and that photo

retouching had masked and disguised the rear head exit wound.

Lt. Col. Dan Marvin, a paratrooper and member of the elite Green Beret

forces, tells the viewers that he took specialist CIA Guerrilla training in

assassination and terrorism at Fort Bragg just weeks after the JFK


To the viewers horror, it is learned that as part of his CIA training,

there Lt. Col. Dan Marvin was shown how to assassinate foreign heads of state

using the example of the JFK murder, which was cited as a classic

assassination. Included in the teaching were films and still photos of Dealey

Plaza plus a mock up of the Plaza showing where the shooters were standing

and the routes to the hospital.

Marvin heard the CIA assassination instructor say to his fellow instructor

at a coffee break "Things really did go well in Dealey Plaza, didn't it?"

Marvin and his buddy felt that this man was himself involved in the

assassination from the way he talked.

Fifteen months later, in August 1965, a CIA official approached Dan at Fort

Bragg and asked him to volunteer to murder a U. S. Naval officer, Comdr.

William Bruce Pitzer, head of the audio/visual unit at Bethesda Naval

Hospital. The assassination needed to be done soon, before the man retired,

it was explained. Dan, after first agreeing to assassinate the officer, said

he would not do so as it went against regulations which [listen to this one

,folks] require that the Mafia be used for domestic assassinations! He was

trained that his unit was only to be used for overseas assassinations.

[Cut to Dennis David, Petty Officer at Bethesda during this period.]

David states that he was a friend of Admiral Pitzer and visited him in his

office at Bethesda where he saw him viewing 16 MM films of the JFK autopsy

conducted there. The film and slides seen by him then showed only a tiny

bullet wound to the right front temple of the President, and a large, gaping

exit wound at the rear of the head.

Admiral Pitzer was found dead in his Bethesda studio shot in the right

temple, though his bridge partners say he was left handed. Pitzer had told

Dennis David that he had some lucrative TV offers for the right to show the

films and photos of the JFK autopsy, and that after his retirement he

intended to check them out. David believes that the airing of the films would

have humiliated many important people and that he was assassinated to prevent it.

New Views on the Kennedy's Vendetta against Castro

Bill Turner, former FBI employee, makes the case that the Kennedys had a

secret agenda to destroy Fidel Castro which they kept secret from all but

the rare few on a need to know basis. JFK took the anti-Castro operations

away from the CIA and ran them out of the White House. RFK was masterminding

a second invasion of Cuba and was determined not to repeat the Bay of Pigs


It was reported to Mr. Turner that the invasion plans were based out of a

Dominican Republic city, Monte Cristi. These plans were in violation of the

October 1962 missile crisis agreement with Khrushchev not to invade Cuba and

if the press learned of them it would have been a disaster.

Lamar Walden and Tom Hartman have accumulated documents recently obtained

under the FOIA which show that high on the agenda in the summer and fall of

1963 was getting more low level intelligence agents into Cuba legally, for

the purposes of assessing whether the Cuban people would back a new leader

and an invasion.

Many people visited the Cuban embassy in Mexico City under this general

effort to try to get into Cuba in order to talk to the man on the street and

report back to the invasion planners.

It is believed by Walden and Hartman that Oswald was convinced that he had

to establish credentials to get into Cuba and gather intelligence by posing

as a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, handing out leaflets, etc.

The Mad Dog Bites its Owner

This video suggests that the CIA, Mafia and exile Cubans who were plotting

Castro's murder turned on President Kennedy in anger over tactical and

political disputes and killed him. Then an already planned cover-up apparatus

kicked in and was used to protect Kennedy's killers.

There is little in this video that traces the identity of who murdered

President Kennedy, but new light is shed on the nature of the cover-up and

why it was so immediately operative.

In September of 1963 there were elaborate contingency plans for taking

action should Castro discover the planned second invasion and retaliate.

Robert Kennedy personally, according to the FOIA documents obtained, had

his advisers put together plans for a total cover-up, including a media

cover-up, if his second invasion of Cuba were discovered. The response plans

involved co-ordination with the State Department, the FBI, CIA, the Defense

Department, Alexander Haig, Mr. Califano and others.

A set of information control plans were intended to keep the fact of the

planned invasion from the press, as the matter would be used by the

Republican to defeat President Kennedy in the upcoming election year.

It was even learned that right after the murder, Bobby Kennedy made contact

with the autopsy people in Bethesda to insure that improper sources did not

learn all the facts and he even directed some autopsy events, according to an

unnamed source.

It is surmised by Walden and Hartman that Bobby recognized Oswald as part

of the Cuban invasion operation and he was frightened that if the public

learned of Oswald's role in it it would be an embarrassment to him.

Alexander Haig, one of the principle authors of the contingency plans for

disinformation and cover-up, immediately took custody of JFK's body after the


Robert Kennedy may have felt guilt and personal responsibility for his

brother's death, the investigators say.

This video might make some say that Kennedy had it coming if he was lying to

the public and the press, himself, and was plotting illegal murders of

foreign heads of state. His Murder Inc. got angry at him, like a mad dog, and

killed its owner.

A touching statement by Marina Oswald appears near the end which I quote in


"People that you trust betrayed you. The government that you trust betrayed

, the officials that you trust - they told you blind lies and they knew it.

So, that kind of betrayal will turn your soul upside down.

"For that I am angry. For all the Blakey's, the Fords and God only knows

whom, the Posners and Mailers who had the opportunity to improve something

and they refused or sold out or were weak enough - or whatever.

"But when that hope is taken away and you reduce the human being to the

level of the animal, like me, even the animal can feel.

"So you expect me not to protest? Sure I do.

"So this is - that is - the reason that I am here. Because nobody has the

right to play God over somebody else=92s life and not just get away with it,

but be happy with this kind of power. This is just simply insanity."

61. "The Warren Commission's report, released in September 1964, was acclaimed by a relieved American public, but in Europe skepticism resounded from the first readings. Allen [Dulles] used his annual late summer vacation to try convincing friends from his own era that they should not pursue a search for conspiracy behind the acts of a sole crazed gunman. Over civilized dinners with the likes of Dame Rebecca West and the chiefs of British Intelligence, he encounted unending resistance. "I offered them roast beef, but they preferred souffle." Only among the opinion leaders of Switzerland did he seem to make headway. He reported to [J. Lee] Rankin and the [Warren] Commission staff on his return that "the editor of the leading Swiss paper, Neurer Zuericher Zeitung, told me that the report had changed the earlier skeptical attitude of his paper."." Peter Grose. Gentleman Spy. p559. Not footnoted.

Rebecca West wrote a book on wartime British traitors, The Meaning of Treason. [March]1965. Penguin paperback. Any idea what a "civilized dinner" is?

So the "chiefs of British Intelligence" weren't taken by Dulles's deception's, well at least that's something in their favour. But the Swiss were. I remember reading in New Times [Soviet Union] that the Americans tried to lock up Joachim Joesten in a mental hospital in Switzerland. Is Peter Grose a spook? Labour MP Bob Edwards and ? published a pamphlet in 1962 on Dulles that was attacked in Nicholas Mosley's biography. I don't have my copy of it to hand to check against Grose. I think Bob Edwards died a few years ago.

CREDITS: Thanks to Harry Irwin, Chris Mills, Ian Griggs, Paul Rigby, Paul Bell, Tony Frewin. And others unnamed for help in various ways.

British Bibliography of Books about the Assassination

Belli, Melvin, M. & Maurice C. Carroll. Justice In Dallas. Elek 1964. .xiv+298pp. Illus. d.w. The Jack Ruby Trial.

Bishop, Jim. The Day Kennedy Was Shot. 196?

Buchanan, Thomas G. Who Killed Kennedy? Secker & Warburg 1964. 192pp.US editions has the references to Mafia taken out See. David Scheim Contract on America. pp.? Later editions of had Scheim the title changed to The Mafia Killed Kennedy.

Cottrell, John. Assassination-The World Stood Still. NEL No. 972 on spine. A four square paperback. 128pp. Illus. paperback. March 1964. 3/6d.

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Epstein, Edward Jay. Legend :The Secret world of Lee Harvey Oswald. Hutchinson. 1978 xvi+382pp. Illus. Index. d.w. Footnotes of a sort, but don't rely on them. e.g. In between writing this and Inquest Epstein wrote a New Yorker article later turned into a slim hardback book Counterplot Not published here. Now published in his The Assassination Chronicles. Not seen. An attack on Jim Garrison. Legend was published to a fanfare of trumpets , a Series in the Sunday Times and later came out as paperback with extra appendix of manly useless questions to CIA, FBI etc. Henry Hurt worked on book and was later to write Reasonable Doubt. the left over legacy was a number of photos of LHO friends in Marines in the photo section of his book. Readers Digest magazine reportedly gave Epstein $500,000.00. to write the book. Epstein has close ties to James Angleton and is long suspected to be a CIA media asset.

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Joesten, Joachin. Oswald The Truth . 372pp. Illus. Peter Dawnay. Joesten has Tippet shooting from the 6th floor sniper's nest. P.??? The first of many books published by Peter Dawnay. Dawnay a publisher of hardback fiction, westerns & romances later went bankrupt, his obsession with the case might have caused it,I don't know? He also published his "Assassination 68" Newsletter which ran to 4 issues.

Joesten, Joachin. The Dark Side of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Dawnay. Hardback Green d.w. 1968. 272pp. On the back of the d.w. the author invites Dallas policemen Jesse Curry, Bill Decker & Charles Batchelor to sue him for libel.

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Kennedy: In Dallas Fairest City. Mocrim International Publications. Comic book. 1977. Not Seen. A series of six comic book titles. The publishers also issued another series of six on Hitler's last day's in the Berlin bunker. A subject quite topical at the moment. I have one of each, but would like to see the rest.

Kennedy: Lee Oswald Shot! Mocrim International Publications. Comic book. 1977. Not Seen

Kennedy: The Enemy Within. Mocrim International Publications. Comic book. 1977. Not Seen

Kennedy: The President Must Die! Mocrim International Publications. Comic book. 1977.

Kennedy: To Be Continued. Mocrim International Publications. Comic book. 1977. Not Seen

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Lattimer, Dr. John K. Kennedy and Lincoln: Medical & Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations. Illus. ??? Published here?? A well known urologist explains. Now if he had been shot in the backside, Lattimer's expertise might then have been of some use.

Lifton, David. Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. Collier Macmillan. 1981. Illus. Index. "A monumental achievement, one of the greatest pieces of detective work ever accomplished..." Robin Ramsay. Lobster issue 2, p.3. Having praised Lifton, Ramsay then goes on to say..."..?..". This is an impressive work that tells Lifton's story of how he found and developed new evidence in the case. His recalls his friendship with Warren Commission lawyer Wesley J. Liebler and his tape recorded phone interviews with many of the key Bethesda autopsy participants is particularly riveting and illuminating. It changed the who perception of the assassination for me. The court room solid evidence,he has should have and my yet one day may lead to the reopening of the case. Lifton mentions in the book of bringing out another work on the plot itself. So far this has failed to appear. He has reportedly been working for the last fifteen years on the definitive work on Lee Harvey Oswald. It's still to appear.

Mailer, Norman. Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery. Little Brown. 1995. 791pp. £25.00. Trashy work that states Oswald did it. Could be possibly Mailer's worst book. Martin Amis reviewed it as "Fatally Flawed." Sunday Times September,1995. according to that week's copy of the magazine Private Eye, Amis was paid £36,000 to write six book reviews for the Sunday Times and this was the first article @ £6,000 a review. He earned more from that review then I earned in a whole year selling secondhand books. No justice in the world! Amis here was paid to be used as a brand name by the Sunday Times. Reviewed by John Newman. "Ghost with a gun." T.L.S. 20th October, 1995. p.8. Newman reflects on the fact that Mailer's chief researcher was Lawrence Schiller, a well known anti- conspiracy buff and author of the scurrilous work The Scavengers and Critics of the Warren Report. Schiller also worked on the O.J. Simpson defence team. He should be ashamed of himself! And of Mailer's oversite at not looking into the numerous newly released documents under the JFK Act.? A common oversite when were dealing with authors, the likes of Mailer and Posner.

Manchester, William. The Death of A President Michael Joseph. 1966?? Possibly the most common of all the books on the Assassination. Serialised in The Sunday Times including extracts left out of book [About LBJ] Reportedly the author nearly had a nervous breakdown writing it. Possibly the most widely published of all the books on this subject, you can even get it as a talking book for the blind.I think it runs to about 18 hours. Replete with errors, David Lifton is the only critic I have read, that recommends this book. The press went into overdrive for praise, extolling it to the sky. How's this for hype. [taken from the dust jacket, of course] "A book of the decade, a giant in every way." from the Liverpool Daily Post. Just how more wrong could they be. The Kennedy family that commissioned the book, then tried to stop it being published See: Item ?? Lawrence Van Gelder. The Untold Story Why the Kennedy's lost the book battle. It's possible that the extracts about LBJ ommitted from the published book may have appeared in proof copies, but I yet to see any proof copies and don't if they were issued.

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Menninger, Bonar. Mortal Error: The Shot that killed JFK. Sidgwick & Jackson. xiv+361pp. Index. Illus. Footnotes. 1992. paperback £9.99. Published to a large front page review in the Times newspaper. Probably disinformation.

Popkin, Richard H. The Second Oswald. Sphere Books paperback. 160pp. Illus. 4/6d 1967.Intro by Murray Kempton. US Edition contains section of Letters to the New York Review of Books. But no Illus. Medieval historian. What became of him? See Operation Mind Control, researched into zombie assassins. Might be something in Dick Russell's latest unpublished book?

Posner, Gerald. Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald And The Assassination Of JFK. Little Brown. 20 January, 1994. Appalling Work! Hardback. pp. Illus. Index. Not published in Hardback here? Extract: "It was him all along." Night & Day: The Mail on Sunday Review. 17th October, 1993. Also wrote:Mengele:The Complete Story. Certainly not the complete story. Avoid books like the plague with titles like "complete". Warlords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies - The New Mafia. Which resulted in a expensive libel action for the publisher.The Bio-Assassins.Hitler's Children. Another typical mis-titled book. The title gives the impression of Hitler youth far right groups, but is in fact an attack on far left terrorist groups. Rosa Luxenburg's Grandchildren would be a better title. It's now thought that many of these groups were bogus, entirely made up and fund by West German intelligence.

Posner, Gerald. Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald And The Assassination Of JFK. Warner Books. 1994. 607pp. Illus. Index. Footnotes. paperback. Anthony Summers got the extracts mentioning him excluded from this edition. More details? I have heard that a number of critics mentioned in the book have taken libel actions action Posner. More details. A number of critics have written Books and articles in response to his book. It doesn't surprise me that a book of such vacuous arrogance should be so widely published and hyped by the media.

Roffman, Howard. Presumed Guilty. Thos Yoseloff. 299pp. Illus. 1976. The defence case for Oswald. What became of Roffman? The text of this book has also been posted on the Internet and is available on the CD ROM "2000 Lesser or Greater Mysteries."

Russell, Bertrand. Preface to Rush To Judgment. Unpublished. Catalogue of Bertrand Russell Archives. p. 94. Not Seen

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Smith, Matthew. Vendetta:The Kennedys. Mainstream Publishing. 1993. 288pp. Illus. d.w. £14.99. Foreword by Jim Marrs. 19 chapters, Name and Subject Index. According to Liverpool's computerised library catalogue, those who find themselves incarcerated in Walton Prison can now find a copy of this book in the prison library.

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The Warren Report. US Government Printing Office. 1964. So as not to let the conspiracy loving Europeans be in any doubt, LBJ laid on a special airlifting of copies and managed to get many copies in the libraries. I have seen a copy in the library with a label on stating it had been specially donated by the US Government. Get photocopy of label. Book plate.

The Warren Report. W. H. Allen. 1964. pp.

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Bibliography of Books which only mention some details

A Tallis Quarterly Crime and Detection. No. 3, February, 1967. Vol 1. includes "Oswald:The mind of the assassin." by Joel Casavantes. Pseudonym. Freudian claptrap. * Probably disinformation? Who is the writer? This was a paperback size magazine. I have seen 2 or three editions. Don't know anything more.

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Not Seen]

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Chomsky, Noam. Rethinking Camelot. Verso. 172pp. 1993. paperback. Surprisingly Chomsky comes across as supporting many of the arguments used by Warren Report defenders. ".?.." If he doesn't watch out he might get rehabilitated into the mainstream. There is also a Noam Chomsky Web page on the Internet with links to other areas of interest. http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/usr/tpOx/chomsky.html And the Usenet newsgroup [alt.chomsky] It's possible that articles and reviews about Rethinking Camelot have appeared there, I have not been able to look for them yet. There is a rebuttal to Chomsky's book in Peter Dale Scott Deep Politics. pp.34-37. Also Lisa Pease Chomsky article??at her ftp site.

Clark, Evert & Nicholas Horrock. Contrabandista! The Busting of an Empire. Elek. 1973. * [Christian David, Michel Victor Mertz, Robert Louis Robertson III] Drugs smuggling and the Corsican mafia. Check? Christian David turns up in the Nigel Turner television documentary 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy' Central Televison. 19?? For a biography of Christian David. See: Henrik Kruger. The Great Heroin Coup. Southend Press, Boston, USA. 1980.

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Copeland, Miles. The Real Spy World. Sphere paperback 1978. Miles Copeland CIA agent, was father and manager [I think ?]of Stewart Copeland drummer with the pop group "The Police" The only other manager that was connected to the Intelligence services was Mike Jeffrey's an accountant and manager of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Animals. Who was reported working for MI5. But what work he did I don't know? Maybe he really did their accounts. Chas Chandler Hendrix's original manager and discover of, said Jeffrey's and Hendrix were "Acid Buddies" . Jeffrey's died in a plane crash, sabotage is not suspected. But many still think he was murdered by the US Mafia. Hendrix had sacked Jeffrey via a transatlantic phonecall just the evening before he himself had died. And many people suspect Jeffrey's involvement in Hendrix's death. He ripped off the performers he managed (a common occurrence at the time, the first manager to actually help performers was the late Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin ) and left the business in a legal accounting mess, Hendrix finances were tied up in various dubious off-shore shell companies. The legal and financial mess has still not been sorted out to this day. Miles Copeland who spoke TEN languages, also tipped off Arthur Scargill that he was being set up by M15 & the CIA. Which he was with the MI5 Roger Windsor/Libya story. Seumas Milne. The Enemy Within: MI5, Maxwell and the Scargill Affair. Verso. 1994. pp.1-2. Having seen a video documentry of Sting, I now think I am talking about two different Miles Copeland's.

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Broadcast by Granada Television on 3rd December, 1963. as World in Action programme "Dallas."

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Ostrovsky, Victor. & Claire Hoy. By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer. Published Here????Mossad made secret film. Mafia did it. 1990???

Web page. Ostrovsky Web page & e.mail address? I e.mailed him about this film. No reply. Anyone got a reply off him?

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Written and published by Robin Ramsay [Hull] and Stephen Dorril. [Huddersfield, now of Holmfirth]. Lobster magazine is an interesting and provocative collection of articles and news items on the British State. It has also championed the cause of Colin Wallace and Fred Holroyd. They also co-authored Smear! Wilson and the Secret State. 4th Estate. 1991.

Robin Ramsay has written articles for 'Tribune' and various magazines. He has also appeared on the Channel Four night time discussion programme "After Dark" and the Cable channel Wire. Paul Foot writes about him as "a journalist who prefers investigations in the sub world of intelligence to making the good living which his talent could provide." Who Framed Colin Wallace? p. xi.

Stephen Dorril has appeared on the BBC programme "the net" standing outside the new MI5 building, and has written with Anthony Summers Honeytrap [about the Profumo affair] which was made into the film 'Scandal' and The Silent Conspiracy: Inside the Intelligence Services in the 1990's. He is currently working on a book about the British Intelligence Services.

Issue One was first published in September 1983. It ran until issue 24 after that issue the two writers split up, and starting with issue 26 produced two Lobsters. See "A tale of two Lobsters" The Independent and Saturday Guardian article for general feature on Lobster. Can anyone give me a short concise summary of the reasons for the split, to be included here.

Lobster Special Issue. A Who's Who of The British Secret State.

I have only listed the issues that have revelant material in them. If the issues not mentioned, then I could find nothing in it.

Issue No. 2 1983. Complete Kennedy Assassination Issue: Articles by Robin Ramsay. "The Assassination of John Kennedy: An Alternative Hypothesis." & "Decoding Edward Jay Epstein's [book] 'LEGEND'." Articles by Stephen Dorril "From Prague With Love: Maria Novotny, Michael Eddowes, Profumo and Kennedy." & "PERMINDEX: The International Trade In Disinformation." Reprinted in Third Decade Vol. 2, No. 1. November, 1985.

Issue No. 5. Jonathan Marshall. "Brief Notes on the Political Importance of Secret Societies." Part One. Stephen Dorril "Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico: new leads."

Issue No. 6. Nov, 1984. Jonathan Marshall. "Brief Notes on the Political Importance of Secret Societies." Part Two.

Issue No. 7. Feb, 1985. Robin Ramsay. "A conversation with Professor Peter Dale Scott." Stephen Dorril "Kennedy Assassination Miscellany."

Issue No. 8. Robin Ramsay [Review of] "G. F. Newman. The Men With The Guns."

Issue No. 9. Plug? for the Third Decade.

Issue No. 10. Stephen Dorril. "Afterword:The search for "Maurice Bishop"." Robin Ramsay Review of two books. The Kennedys by Peter Collier & David Horowitz and JFK:The presidency of John F. Kennedy. by Herbert S. Parmet. Journals: Plug? for The Third Decade.

Issue No. 13. Letter from David Atlee Philips, threatening libel action over Maurice Bishop article in issue 10 is reprinted in it's entirety in response to it, so matter is now closed. Advert for The Third Decade.

Issue No. 15. "Christic's [Institute] version of Dealey Plaza." [Includes an extract from The Affidavit of Daniel P. Sheehan. A 45 page document with appendices and an index. A grand unified conspiracy theory. Reprints 11 paragraphs from it.

Issue No. 19. Robin Ramsay "Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Research."

Issue No. 20. Nov, 1990. Robin Ramsay "Item on Skeleton Key to the Gemstone file, 1932-1986." "The Who shot John?" Anthony Edward Weeks. [Pseudonym] Anthony Frewin "Late breaking news on Clay Shaw's United Kingdom contacts." pp.13-17, 20-23. Robin Ramsay "Dean Andrews Testimony to the Warren Commission."

Issue No. 21. Obituary of Bernard Fensterwald. Reprinted from The Washington Post. 3 April, 1991.

Issue No. 23. Robin Ramsay & Stephen Dorril "Heritage of Stone;JFK and JFK." "SNAFU in Dallas." "Defending The Warren Commission:The Line From Langley." "Review of Mark Lane's Plausible Denial."

Issue No. 24. December, 1992. Scott Van Wynsberghe. "Some Notes on Occult Irrationalism and the Kennedy Asssassination." Scott Newton. "The Gospel according to Saint Jim." [Review of James DiEugeno Destiny Betrayed]

Issue No. 25. "Review of Anthony Summer's Official and Confidential. & short note on The Gemstone File." note on Steamshoval Press.

Issue No. 26. December 1993. Kennedy "Wanted for Treason " leaflet? on front cover. Advert for Steamshoval Press magazine. Anthony Frewin "The JFK Assassination on film, television and video." Extract from Frewin's JFK Assassination Videography... & "Like books we should have so many witnesses? Some recent JFK Literature." 28 encapsuled book reviews. Short note on the death of Seth Kantor.

Issue No. 27. June, 1994. Robin Ramsay. "Apostasy!" Anthony Frewin "More JFK Assassination books." [Review of 17 recent books] Alex Cox. "The Man who knew Too Much by Dick Russell." [Review of] "Review of The Last Investigation & Deep Politics" by Robin Ramsay.

Issue No. 28. December 1994. Notes that a new two volume 1000 page edition of Walter Bowart classic Mind Control printed by and available from the author has been published. Robin Ramsay review of Claudi Fuyiati ZR Rifle. Anthony Frewin "review of Two CD Roms. 'JFK A Visual Experience' & 'The Encyclopedia of the JFK Assassination'."

Issue No. 29. June 1995. Robin Ramsay"Kennedy Miscellany: Review of Anthony Frewin's The FBI's London file on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. " Elders and Betters: Skeptical Inquirer. journal of the CSICOP." "Van the man: Scott Van Wynesberghe. Critic who turned Lone Nut." Mind control news. Alex Cox Review of Operation Mind Control. Review of Donald Gibson Battling Wall Street:The Kennedy Presidency. Anthony Frewin. Sources: Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by the U.S. House of Representatives. 1978. On CD Rom. Prevailing Winds. Archives on Audio.

Issue No. 30. December 1995. Not Seen. Don't know if it has been published yet.

The Original Dorril Lobster: Started with No. 26.

The Original Dorril Lobster No. 27. 1994. Stephen Dorril reviews seven of the most recent JFK Assassination books. Review of DiEugenio's Destiny Betrayed by Scott Van Wynsberghe. Sources: Steamshovel Press. Prevailing Winds Research. Dallas 63.

The Original Dorril Lobster No. 28? 1995. Not Seen

Assassination 68 Newsletter

Peter Dawnay Assassination 68 Newsletter.

Vol 1 Issue 1. 18th October, 1968 - Vol 1. issue 4. 28th January, 1969. Ran to 4 issues. Anyone have any more information? Dawnay comes across as a bit paranoid, but he seems to be well justified in his paranoia.It's more then likely that British and American Intelligence took an interest in Dawnay.

Vol 1 Issue 1. 18 October, 1968. Editorial. [Mentions that 60 CIA agents operate out of a bogus commercial company with offices at 7 Cleveland Row, just by St. James Palace. London. CIA who infiltrate the news media, they put stories into circulation and attempt with considerable success to influence and control opinion] "Stalling of Justice." [About the Garrison Trial] "The Hick Scandal." [Jim Hicks] "The Astounding Ignorance of Fleet Street." "Intelligence Agency of Foreign Power Cooperates With Garrison." [France]

Vol 1 Issue 2. 29 November, 1968. Item on Bruce Reynolds and the Great Train Robbery. Speculates that this money was used to bribe British journalists writing about the Assassination. "The Extraordinary Story of The Nixon Plot." [Reynolds recent Autobiography and a recent TV documentary. Dont seem to mention him or the Great Train Robbery being in anyway connected to the assassination] Bruce Reynolds. The Autobiography of a Thief. Bantam Press. 1995. I can't find anything in it, but the book is not indexed.

Vol 1 Issue 3. 23 December, 1968. "Glad Tidings of Joy." "Robert Kennedy and Jim Garrison." "An open letter to Detective Chief Superintendent Thomas Butler."[Bruce Reynolds] "The postponement in the James Earl Ray Trial." "Development's in Garrison's Investigation."

Vol 1 Issue 4. 28 January, 1969. "The Suppressed X-Rays and the Clay Shaw trial." "Is Sirhan Sirhan an agent of the CIA?"

Undercover Magazine

Undercover magazine only ran to 5 issues, although apparently No. 6 was in preparation and the articles for that issues were to be used for another magazine. Editor was Brian M. Clarke. Assistant Editor was Glenn B. Fleming, who also contributed artwork to some issues of JFK Assassination Forum. Most issues carried something about the Kennedy Assassination and the magazine was a downmarket,junior version of Lobster. A beginners guide to parapolitics. Not too heavy on the text and lots of pictures.

Undercover. Vol.1. No. 1. December1992/January 1993. Lee Havery Oswald on front cover. Lee Harvey Oswald secret service links.

Undercover. Vol.1. No. 2. February/March 1993. Harold Wilson on front cover. Contains: "Lee Harvey Oswald in the U.S.S. R." Review of JFK- The Second Plot.

Undercover. Vol.1. No. 3. April/May 1993. Martin Luther King on front cover.

Undercover. Vol.1. No. 4. June 1993. Saddam Hussein on front cover. [RFK Assassination supplement]

Undercover. Vol.1. No. 5. July 1993. Richard Nixon on front cover. Anthony Summers interviewed by Brian M. Clarke. Review of Double Cross. "544 Camp Street." [Oswald in New Orleans] Part One.

Undercover No. 6, August 1993, was advertised on the rear cover of issue 5. "Among articles promised were, "Truth on Gibraltar", "The Bilderburg Group" and Part Two "Oswald in Mexico". IT NEVER APPEARED, obviously the "curse of Bilderburg" again! Remember Verdict! which published an article on this group in the 1970's and then disappeared forever..." writes Harry Irwin. My guess is that they just ran out of money.

Books by or about British Authors and also British Subjects, Published Abroad

1. Frewin, Anthony. Late-breaking News On Clay Shaw's United Kingdom Contacts. Research Transcript. Dallas: JFK Assassination Information Center, 1992. An earlier version was published as Anthony Edward Weeks. [Pseudonym] Anthony Frewin "Late breaking news on Clay Shaw's United Kingdom contacts." pp.13-17, 20-23. Lobster 20.

2. Frewin, Anthony. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's London File on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Calendared & Glossed. The Last Hurrah Press, Williamsport. USA. 1995. Part of the declassified FBI London file released under the JFK Act??? More details

3. Lane, Mark. A Citizen's Dissent: Mark Lane Replies. Holt Rinehart & Winston, 290pp.1968. Includes details on 1967 BBC programme. Also see Mark Lane. "Shut That Guy Up." Oz, March 1967.

4. Ritchie, Raymond E. Index to JFK Assassination Forum: issues 1-46. 30 pages. $4.50. Available from: Raymond E. Ritchie, 5 Belmont Avenue, Randolph, Maine 04345 USA. Not Seen

5. Scally, Christopher. So Near ...And Yet So Far. The House Select Committee On Assassinations' Investigation IntoThe Murder Of President John F. Kennedy Research Manuscript. Dallas: JFK Assassination Information Center, April, 1980. Previously sold by Tom Davis Books. English buff living in Ireland, analysis of the HSCA , the Zapruder film and events in Dealey plaza

6. Sparrow, John. After the Assassination: A Positive Appraisal of the Warren Report. Chilmark Press. New York. 1967. 77pp. Collection of articles originally published in the British Times Literary Supplement. Rumoured publication made possible with money and help from American Intelligence.

Frewin [in item 2] suggest's Chilmark Press, might be a CIA front and asks what other books it has published.

Can you search the Library of congress catalogue on-line via Internet by publisher?

7. Sparrow, John. After the Assassination: A Positive Appraisal of the Warren Report. Chilmark Press. New York. 1967. 77pp. Was it published as a Vintage Books? paperback. Thompson bibliography list's it as Chilmark paperback. Distributed by Random House.

8. Griggs, Ian L. Kennedy Assassinated! Oswald Murdered! Minute by minute accounts of the two killings as seen through the eyes of the international media. Over 200 international news agency flashes received and used by the BBC for TV and Radio news broadcasts. Printed in facsimile. 212pp. Published and distributed by JFK Resource Group, Dallas. Also distributed by The Last Hurrah Press, Williamsport. USA. 1995. @ $14.95 [£10.00]

Also see article by Ian Griggs "How news of the Kennedy assassination and Oswald murders first reached Britain." pp.7-10. Dallas 63 Vol 1, No. 2. May 1994.

Newspaper and Magazine articles, by or about British Authors and on British subjects, Published Abroad

  1. Devlin, Lord. "Death of a President:The Established Facts." The Atlantic Monthly. March 1965. Vol. 215, No. 3. pp.112-118. He also appeared on the 1967? BBC 2 programme Death of the President? Not Seen
  2. Effle, Dennis. Interview by. "Anthony Frewin and the JFK Assassination on film." Probe. October, 1993. Pp.5-6.
  3. Sparrow, John. Follow up article to Trevor-Roper. Title not known. A counter argument. Atlas. March, 1965. Not Seen
  4. Trevor-Roper, Hugh [Lord Dacre] "The Slovenly Warren Report." Atlas Vol 9, February, 1965. pp.115-118. Trevor-Roper was Alan Clark's tutor at Oxford and Clark also knew John Sparrow. Alan Clark Diaries. Not Seen

Dallas 63

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Previous Assassination Bibliographies

1. Guth Delloyd J. & Wrone, David R. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A comprehensive historical and legal bibliography, 1963-1979. Greenwood Press. USA. 442pp.1980. Put in E.Mail Address. I have lost my copy, I have not seen it for about ten years.

This is the largest and most voluminous of all the bibliographies and is regarded as the standard work on the subject. A considerable amount of work has gone into it. But it's a flawed work, which badly needs updating. Unfortunately it is not annotated, which is a major inconvenience, and the one shortcoming of this bibliography, as it can be difficult to sort out the good stuff from the considerable junk around. Also there is no way for getting a feel of the subject. e.g. The considerable difficulty some authors had of getting into print. Or the situation of publishers at the time. Now that we know the effort the FBI had in stopping all but the most vacuous works from being published. And the attacks in the press by the CIA's various media assets. It includes a New York Times listing, which was probably also available at the time in the New York Times Index and also probably available on-line. Used probably because of the Times wide availability on microfilm. It excluded listings of the Dallas and New Orleans newspapers. So you could not study the unfolding events as they happened in Dallas or the New Orleans reporting of the Jim Garrison case. Various assassination newsletters are also not listed. The Library of Congress subject catalogue also contains a Kennedy Assassination listing.

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